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SK1-21 /22 Series  2”, 58/60mm open frame kiosk printers

SK1-31 / 32 Series 3”, 54/56/72/80mm open frame kiosk printers

SK1-41 Series 4”, 80/83/112mm open frame kiosk printers

Sanei Printer Models and Part Numbers

Entry-level, compact, open frame kiosk printers for limited space enclosures

Fast, high quality 203 dpi print at speeds up to 200 mm/second. USB and Serial Dual interface.

The “Crocodile open mouth” style paper loading and spring loaded paper roll holders allow the kiosk builder to consider the simpler choice of front operating access only. Versatile operating environment (-20 to 60 degrees).

Flexible mounting options include the vertical orientation 90° position for the thinnest of vertical footprints matching today’s latest generation of slimline kiosks for the SK1-21 and SK1-31 models.

Simple paper loading using standard receipt style paper rolls with an outside diameter up to 120mm and the option of using either a 12.5mm or 25mm core. (The 25mm default is simply changed to 12.5mm by removing the outer concentric circle on the roll holder). Sensors include Near End, Paper End, Reflection and Gap. 200 outside diameter roll option (HL02 for SK1-21/31 HL03 for SK1-41).

Star’s PS60 power supply option with power cable option works perfectly with the small power conversion cable (CB-2k1-D3)) which must also be ordered for the SK1-21,SK1-31& SK1-32 models. There is a separate power supply for the SK1-41 (SA1-3A240) which does not include the local power cable which must be supplied by the customer.


  • Low profile and ultra light weight, designed for a wide variety of kiosk systems
  • Fast, high quality 203 dpi output at print speeds up to 200mm/second (2″ & 3″ models), 150mm/second (4″ model) with 2D barcode capability
  • Versatile operating environment (-20 to +60 degrees) Up to 120mm paper roll (outside diameter) as standard with 254mm large paper roll option. SK1-32: 83mm OD Roll only. 12mm core standard with 25.4mm also available on L models with paper thickness from 0.060 to 0.15mm on SK1-21 & SK1-31 models. Up to 0.12mm on SK1-41 models.
  • Dual interface USB and serial fixed interfaces as standard
  • Auto load and manual ‘flip top’ paper loading with retract / document capture feature and spring loaded paper roll holders to allow the kiosk builder to consider the simpler choice of operating access

Please check the range of drivers available directly from . Please note these drivers are not listed on the Star Global Support website.

Sanei Specifications


Description SK1-21A, SK1-31A no Presenter 
SK1-21A-LP, SK1-31A-LP, with presenter 
SK1-22 / SK1-32 Clamshell
SK1-41A-L no Presenter 
SK1-41A-LP with Presenter and Label Support 
Max Print Speed  SK1-21A, SK1-31A, SK1-21A-LP, SK1-31A-LP,
SK1-22 / SK1-32 = 200 mm/s
SK1-41A-L, SK1-41A-LP  = 150mm/s
Resolution  203 dpi 
No. of Columns  SK1-21/22 Max. 56 col
SK1-31/32 Max. 80 col depending on Paper Width SK1-41A Max 104 col (8 x 16)
Max 69 col (12 x 24)
Depending on Paper Width  
Autocutter  Full or Partial (Guillotine). 
Full only with Presenter 
Paper Width  SK1-21: 54/56mm
SK1-31: 58/60/80/83mm
SK1-41: 80/83/112mm
Paper Thickness  SK1-21, SK1-31:0,059 – 0,15 mm
SK1-41 0,059 – 0,12mm
Paper Roll Standard Option  Standard: 120 mm
with Option: 200 mm
Media Presentation  SK1-21 / 31/ 41: Presenter with Document Capture (not for labels). 
Plastic or Flashing Paper Exit Guide options. 
Print Width  SK1-21: 54 /56mm
SK1-31 : 54/56/72/80mm
SK1-41: 72/80/104mm
Sensors  Near End
Relfection (PE/BM) & Gap 
Interface  Serial, USB as standard
Power Supply  SK1-21 / SK1-31: External Option PS60A 
with CB-SK1-D3 cable 
SK1-41: External Option SA1-3A240 
Power lead now supplied 
Power Consumption  60 W printing 
1,68 W Standby 
Energy Star External, Energy Star Qualified PS60A (optional)
+ qualified SA1-3A240 (optional) 
SK1-41: External, SA1-3A240 (optional) 
Reliability  60 million lines 
1.5 million cuts 
Dimensions (W x D x H)mm
Weight (without interface cover) 
SK1-21:  80 mm roll: 104 x 129.2 x 73.6: 525g 
SK1-31: 83mm roll: 127 x 130 x 74: 630g 
SK1-22 104 x 140,3 x 69,7 mm 580g
SK1-32: 128 x 174,5 x 74,2mm 730g
SK1-41: 80mm roll: 160.9 x 143.1 x 76.3
            120mm roll: 160.9 x 159.3 x 88.1 
without presenter: 885g 
Document Capture (Anti-litter mode) Document Capture 
  • Plastic Bezel BZ-SK1-1 
  • Flashing snout LB-SK1 
  • PS60 PSU + PS60 Connector 
  • 20cm Paper roll option HL02 
  • Presenter PR-SK1 

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Sanei Printer Models

Part Number Model Description
37963750 SK1-21 ASF2-LQP 2″ + Presenter 2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with Presenter
37963751 SK1-211ASF2-LQP 2″ + Presenter 2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with Presenter
37963760 SK1-21 ASF2-Q 2″ 2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer
37963761 SK1-211 ASF2-Q 2″ 2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer
37963890 SK1-22 SF2-Q-ST  2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer Clamshell Style
37963770 SK1-31 ASF4-LQP 3″+ Presenter  3″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with Presenter
37963771 SK1-311 ASF4-LQP 3″+ Presenter  3″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with Presenter
37963780 SK1-31 ASF4-Q 3″ 3″ Inch Open Frame Kiosk Printer
37963460 SK1-32 SF4-Q 3″ Printer Drop In  3″ Open Framen Printer Clamshell Style
37963690 SK1-41A SF4 -QP 4″+ Presenter  4″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with Presenter
37963700 SK1-41A SF4-Q 4″  4″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer
37964080 SK1-V21ASF2-Q 2″ Vertical  2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer Vertical Mounting
37964090 SK1-V31 A SF4-Q 3″ Vertical  3″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer Vertical Mounting
37964590 SK1-V21 ASF2-LQP 2″ Vertical + Presenter  2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer Vertical Mounting including Presenter 
37964600 SK1-V31ASF2-LQP32″ Vertical + Presenter  Open Frame Kiosk Printer – Vertical printer including Presenter   
37966640 SK1-21HASF-Q12VOLT 2″ 2″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer, 12 Voltage 
37966650 SK1-31HASF-Q12VOLT 3″ 3″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer, 12 Voltage 
37963490 BZ-SK-1 BEZEL FOR SK1-31 Bezel Mechanism, compatible with SK1-31 
37963710 BZ-SK-2 BEZEL FOR SK1-21 SERIES  Bezel Mechanism, compatible with SK1-21 series 
37965520 LB-SK-1 Bezel  Bezel Mechanism, compatible with SK-1 Kiosk
37963360 CB-SK1-D3 Power Cable  Power Cable Adapter, SK1 Series To PS60
37965740 CB-SK1-D1 Power Cable  CB-SK1- D1 – Power Adapter Cable 


37967330 CB-SK1-S4 Serial Cable  Serial Cable, compatible with Sanei SK1.
37963720 PR-SK1 Presenter for SK1-21 & SK1-31 Series   Presenter mechanism, compatible with SK1-21 & SK1-31 
34966090 HL1-80m Large Paper Holder  Large Paper Holder 
37963730 HL02- Paper Extension Arm Paper Extension Arm 
37966250 HL3-SK1-41 Large Paper Holder  Large Paper Holder – compatible with SK1-41 
37963740 SA1-3A240 PSU for SK1-41 series  SA1-3A240 Mains PSU,  PSU supplied without power cord, compatible for SK1-41