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ATG Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board Selects the Star TSP-L10 for Bet Receipting

It’s a great start to 2014; we’re very excited to announce our latest customer ATG, the Swedish Horse Totalisator Board who have selected the Star TSP-L10 for Bet Receipting.

AB Trav och Galopp (ATG), the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, was founded in 1974. The company was established by the state, with the aim of guaranteeing long-term financial stability for trotting and thoroughbred racing.

ATG’s success on the betting market, and the surplus generated by the company’s business, has made a major contribution to the health of horse sport in Sweden. ATG has recently begun installation of new betting terminals into their Agent (off track betting) network. These terminals were procured by ATG from their long term partner, International Lottery & Totalizator Systems, Inc. (ILTS). ATG and ILTS selected the Star Micronics TSP-L10 printer as part of this new terminal for the printing of bet receipts.