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Star TSP100 Series – Providing Retailers with Powerful Marketing Tools

Star is making a number of exciting new announcements we still have a portfolio of outstanding products.

Take the TSP100 FuturePRNT…. It gives retailers and restaurateurs powerful and invaluable marketing tools at their disposal. Check out these fantastic software and hardware features for retailers:

TSP100 futurePRNT Value-Added Software for Retailers

    • RECEIPT RE-DESIGN TOOL – including font replacement, cropping and logo / picture placement tools which together with a simple image impact tool will allow any user to literally redesign their receipts without changing their POS software.
    • COUPON MARKETING TOOL – which enables coupons and vouchers based on the retailer’s pre-decided products or purchase values to be added to receipts in an instant.
    • AUTOMATIC 2ND COPY FEATURE – for security or administration purposes.
    • AUTOMATIC TEXT REVERSAL TOOL – simple tick-box for automatically turning receipt text upside-down when the printer is wall mounted.
    • EASY SET-UP & INTEGRATION – all TSP100’s printer features are available from the printer properties page in Windows™. No hardware configuration is needed at all. Features can be set up once and then sent to all printers for mass system installation.
    • 4 YEARS WARRANTY – on all futurePRNT Series including print head and cutter.
    • ACCESSORIES – all standard set-up accessories software installation CD included in the box.

Value-Added Software for System Builders, OEMs and Software Developers

      • DEDICATED SDK – Star has produced a dedicated Software Developers Kit with a wide range of tools available, allowing the system designer to take advantage of all the TSP100’s software and hardware features.
      • PRE-INSTALLATION SET-UP TOOL – with Easy driver installation for all major platforms including JavaPOS, OPOS and Apple OSX.
      • EASE OF INTEGRATION AND SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY – has led major retailers worldwide to choose the TSP100.

To learn more about Star’s great range of new products, check out this short video or visit the Star FuturePRNT site now.