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Even Star is Getting into Home Improvement

After teaming up with our friends at Evoke Kiosks we have worked together to develop multi-functional kiosk with a Star TSP700II printing solution for our customer B&Q.

As many of you will probably know B&Q is the largest home improvement and garden retailer in the UK. With an average store housing over 40,000 products, B&Q were looking for a kiosk solution which would help their shoppers with their shopping experience.

Though the Evoke and Star partnership we were able to provide B&Q with the perfect kiosk and printing solution to suit their individual needs.  The B&Q kiosks can provide a comprehensive product locator that simply and conveniently locates a product within the store and directs visitors to it within seconds. In addition to its location feature, the kiosk enables customers to access information on products including how-to-guides, while also providing an option to print out or email information. The kiosk also sports a quick shopping list feature which allows customers to print off project specific shopping lists.

To read the full success story and learn the benefits of the TSP700II for B&Q, visit the Star Success Stories page now.

We bet you’re wondering where our printers are going to pop up next!