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Flexible Innovations for the Kiosk Industry

Self-service solutions are quickly becoming a key feature of everyday life, popping up in places such as supermarkets, hotels, airports and even libraries. With their increased usage it is no surprise we’re seeing a wider range of kiosk designs available. A significant trend is the emergence of more compact, sophisticated and challenging designs alongside the need for flexible kiosk printing solutions, especially as a printer is often one of the last components to be installed in a kiosk.

Here at Star we are very proud to have one of the most extensive kiosk printer portfolios available in the market today. With over 30 years experience tailoring solutions to meet individual customer needs, our kiosk printing solutions are currently being used by a range of worldwide companies from Vodafone mobile phone top up kiosks to Whitbread’s Premier Inn hotel check-in, international supermarket chains such as Coop Switzerland to international courier delivery companies including Schenker!

With all this industry experience and expertise, read our latest article to find out Star’s latest flexible innovations for the kiosk industry.