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The Future of Web Based POS

Here at Star we pride ourselves on supporting the latest developments in mobile POS and we have realised there is a growing requirement to print from both mobile and desktop applications to receipt printers. Introducing our WebPRNT multi-printer interface and browser, provides enhanced web connectivity to Star desktop POS & mobile printers.

Offering either a low cost “Plug-In” interface or Star WebPRNT Browser solution, Star WebPRNT removes the issues usually associated with web-based printing by offering driverless printing capabilities for all receipt data, utilising HTML and JavaScript standards.

Offering comprehensive SDKs for all major platforms including Windows™, Linux™, Android™, iOS™, Mac OS™, Blackberry™ and Symbian™, Star WebPRNT technology can be accessed on any single web-based application via a browser. WebPRNT SDKs including a demonstration page are also available from Star’s global support site

WebPRNT Star WebPRNT “Plug-In” Interface

  • Simple Installation – easy “plug-in” interface user installable
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) compatible
    • Printing from customers’ mobile phones, tablets, etc with zero software installation
    • Printing consistent receipts from any web browser with zero platform dependent code

Star WebPRNT Browser
The new Star WebPRNT Browser simplifies direct printing from the web to Star’s range of low cost desktop and mobile Bluetooth printers. Supporting all functions of the Star WebPRNT “plug-In” Interface, WebPRNT Browser is downloadable from Google Play or App Store.

For more information on the Star WebPRNT Interface and Star WebPRNT Browser, download the star WebPRNT brochure or visit our webpage for more information.