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Get your popcorn ready the AsuraCPRNT™ video is now ready!

Here at Star HQ we’re very proud of our AsuraCPRNT™ – the World’s first interactive communication system. So much more than a compact kiosk, the AsuraCPRNT has combined our two areas of expertise, POS and kiosk printing solutions to create the ultimate user engagement tool.

Using the latest communication technologies combined with a powerful CPU processor, the AsuraCPRNT is a powerful solution which can work independently as a thin client server, mini kiosk or even POS / Information terminal. The AsuraCPRNT can be implemented into almost any infrastructure for customer engagement depending on the software options added. So weather you decide to use it on a shelf edge, wall, counter top or even pole mounted, the uses for the AsuraCPRNT are truly limitless…

So if you have a few minutes, take a seat and watch our informative video.