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Introducing Sanei’s entry level, compact, open frame printers to Star’s existing kiosk printing offerings

We’re very excited to introduce Sanei’s entry-level, compact, open frame printers to complete Star’s kiosk printing range to include printing solutions for limited space enclosures. Despite their entry-level price, these kiosk printers offer valuable, simple-to-use features ideal for applications such as retail, ticketing, hospitality and so much more…

These 2”, 3” and 4” printers are low profile and ultra light weight, designed for a wide variety of kiosk systems. Offering high 203 dpi print quality output alongside print speeds of up to 200mm/second and 2D barcode capability.


Models available include:

SK1-21 Series

  • SK1-21A Printer only
  • SK1-21A-LP Printer with presenter 200mm/sec. print speed, 58/60mm paper width model. Mechanism dimensions: 104×129.2 x 73.6mm/525g


SK1-31 Series

  • SK1-31A Printer only
  • SK1-31A-LP Printer with presenter
  • SK1-32 Clamshell style. “Drop-In & Print” version 200mm/sec. print speed, 54/56/72/80mm model. Mechanism dimensions: 127 x 137.3 x 73.6mm/630g


SK1-41 Series

  • SK1-41A-L Printer only
  • SK1-41A-LP Printer with presenter with Label support 150mm/sec. print speed. 80/83/112mm paper width. Mechanism dimensions: 160.9 x 143.1 x 76.3mm/885g



  • BZ-SK-2 Bezel/Snout SK1-21 Series
  • BZ-SK-1 Bezel/Snout SK1-31 Series
  • PS60 PSU SK1-21 / SK1-31/ SK1-32
  • CB-SK1-D3 Power cabled required for PS60
  • SA1-3A240 PSU for SK1-41 Series Power lead not supplied
  • PR-SK1 Presenter for SK1-21 & SK1-31 Series
  • HL02 Paper Extension Arm SK1-21, SK1-31
  • HL03 Paper Extension Arm SK1-41


For more information on the Sanei SK1 range, visit the Star website and download the brochure or contact your local Star sales representative today.

SK1 Series