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taxi credit card payment printer


Online payments

Accept online payments through your Kashing account, and automatically link your offline sales. All your reporting, deposits, and inventory can be tracked in one place. This is also where you can create and manage your invoices.


Face-to-face payments

Your Kashing Reader allows you to take card and contactless payments – wheter you run B&B, a food stall, or you’re a freelance makeup artist. Just pair it with your tablet or smartphone and get paid quickly and seamlessly.


         Kashing Reader

              Works with the free Kashing app on your smartphone or tablet.

              Checked     Chip & Pin (for both credit & debit cards)
              Checked     Contactless (for both credit & debit cards)
              Checked     Mag Stripe (for international cards)
              Checked     Visa, Mastercard & AMEX
              Checked     At your counter or on the go

 Affordable & transparent

Expect no hidden fees – Like PCI, statement fees, or refund processing. You can choose from three different membership options, each with unique rates and benefits to suit your business. Use your account to see your stats, daily reports, and to make more informed business choices.

Extremely convenient

Kashing allows you to get paid quickly and easily, whether you run your business online, offline, or both The entire platform is simple to set up and use. On top of that, you’ll finally be able to manage your payments.

Secure. Secure. Secure.

We’re big on security. Our team has decades of experience in the finance sector, risk management, and information security. All of your transactions are protected with multiple layers of encryption and level one PCI DSS rating (as good as it gets). If at any point you have questions, our support team is here help.

What our customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch Gerard’s story and see how Kashing helps him to run The Roseleigh Guest House more efficiently.

Integrated Point-Of-Sale Hardware

True one-stop-shop facility for all your payment needs and offering a choice of integrated hardware. Kashing has integrated Star Micronics mPOP™, The Bluetooth Combined 2″ Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer, to offer a bundled POS solution to the end-user.