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Keeping Down Checkout Times with Mobile Printing

We understand queuing is one of UK customers pet hates especially in retail; so retailers are constantly looking for innovative ways to keep down queue waiting times and increase customer satisfaction.

With the estimated increase in visitors in the UK over the Olympic period, everyone from large supermarket chains, tourist attractions and even local pubs and restaurants are looking for ways to deliver quick and effective customer experience.

Our Mobile Printers can provide retailers with a number of features to boost their customer experience:

Increased flexibility – Compatibility with Apple & Android tablets and Smartphones using Star’s specialist SDKs to provide a truly flexible POS system

  1. Queue busting – Ideal for keeping checkout queues down during busy periods and offering impromptu printing promotion activities
  2. In-store engagement – Flexibility allows retailers to approach customers creating a better line of communication and customer service
  3. Increase store efficiency – Increase efficiency through a range of activities including: queue busting, shelf edge labelling, cross selling and up selling.

To find out more about how Star Mobile POS solutions can help your business visit our website now.

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