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The Rise of mPOS in Retail: POS Hardware

With the emergence of personal technology such as Smartphones and Tablets developing quicker than comparable in-store hardware, retailers are faced with the constant battle of dwindling sales, showrooming and high customer service expectations.  Given great advances in connectivity technology, retailers are now looking for new ways to engage with customers and create a more dynamic user experience.

As mobile and web-based Point-Of-Sale devices are revolutionizing the traditional POS landscape, technology flexibility is gaining momentum enabling innovative branding and superior shopping experiences and giving retailers the freedom to roam. mPOS is providing a new generation of POS solutions to create real opportunities for customer engagement and retention in-store through a wider choice of connectivity options and new technologies such as NFC, beacon and proximity printing. However new technologies can create a new breed of challenges. Whatever the eventual mPOS choice retailers make, one problem which has always existed is how to integrate a printing solution.

The problems synergizing mobile and wired POS printing across different environments

  • Technology evolution – as the retail environment is changing and technology is constantly evolving, ePOS environments have to adapt to these changes to meet the growing needs of mPOS. Retailers have to future-proof to avoid investing twice
  • Conflicting operating systems – iOS, Android & Windows smart devices are quickly becoming the devices of choice for mPOS, sometimes conflicting with traditional EPOS software such as Linux and Windows
  • Too much software choice – with so many software choices available, guidance isn’t always given when purchasing compatible hardware and or necessary support given during setup
  • Use of consumer grade hardware – there’s currently no industry control over how iOS & Android smart devices are used in retail mPOS. Software providers, such as Microsoft, have released mPOS ready ‘Windows POS ready’ software for smart devices to bridge the gap with industrial grade smart device hardware
  • Obstacles during setup – separate drivers, interfaces and software compatibility can all prove difficult during device setup and on-going system management
  • No adopted hardware industry standards – for the connection and controlling of Android, iOS and Windows web-based POS peripherals such as scanners, card readers, pin pads, NFC, beacons and other devices
  • Web based software browser rendering – different operating systems can produce different printing results

So what’s the solution?
Innovative hardware such as the Star TSP654II Series is the only web based POS printer on the market with a low cost Cloud Upgradability path. Interchangeable WebPRNT HTML5 / JavaScript plug-on interfaces and Star ProxiPRNT BLE Beacon Proximity Printing Technology provide unique upgrade options. Low cost accessory options such as the Star WiFi Power Pack offer simple WiFi printing directly from Tablets, PCs or any other Mobile Device to the TSP654II or any Star LAN printer.

The TSP654II offers the latest Apple iOS and Android Bluetooth connectivity option, alongside a low cost upgrade path from traditional Serial, Parallel, USB & LAN to WebPRNT cloud printing solutions!
Offering unrivalled Software Development Support for the TSP654II, Star works with traditional integrators such as Micros and IBM alongside a new generation of mobile payment software partners such as iZettle and PayPal to provide a range of payment solutions that can be set up remotely in minutes.

To find out more about the TSP654II and its low cost upgrade path, visit the Star website.


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