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Make the AsuraCPRNT come alive with Kalipso

Here at Star we’re always looking for innovative software solutions to partner with our products. This week we’re happy to announce our partnership with Sysdev an independent software company based in Portugal, which specializes in development tools and applications for mobile computers.

Kalipso, developed by Sysdev, is a fast and powerful low cost mobile application generator that runs in a free runtime environment that requires no expert knowledge or the need to write code. The Android software works perfectly in tandem with Star’s AsuraCPRNT™ All-in-One communication system. Its intuitive interface allows drag and drop actions to create on-line or off-line customer apps for a range of applications from price checking, data capture and stock control to ticketing, loyalty programs and couponing.

The Kalipso platform includes a set of features that enable the creation, deployment and support of mobile applications using any combination of ODBC, Web Services, FTP & Text Files for manipulation of information, barcode data, and receipt design.