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Have You Managed to Catch Up With Us Yet?

Continuing our whistle stop tour of shows since September, we have now ticked another two shows off on our list, bringing the grand total up to 13… and phew, what interesting shows they have been!

Firstly, Star took on Gitex Technology week 2011, having frequented the show for over a decade; we definitely knew what’s what! Heralded as one of the largest and most important ICT events around the globe, it was a privilege to be exhibiting with some of the greatest names in the business.

Secondly we teamed up with our friends Evoke Kiosks for Kiosk London Expo 2011. Taking the show by storm we were fortunate enough to speak to a lot of people and have a laugh or two along the way.

So potentially, how many show visitors have Star managed to now meet since September? I hear you ask.

Well after a quick tally of numbers we have reached approximately the 211,000 mark which equates to meeting the population of Nassau, the national capital of the commonwealth of the Bahamas!

However don’t worry if you haven’t managed to catch us at any of our recent shows yet, we have a full events listing on our Facebook page with all relevant event links.

We look forward to catching up with you!