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New V6.0 Driver available for Star TSP100 supporting AllReceipts Digital Receipting

AllReceipts_sliderRetailers across the UK using the Star TSP100 series can now take advantage of Star’s unique free of charge digital receipting service, AllReceipts. Our established TSP100 customer base has the opportunity to benefit from this market changing software that offers a low cost, fast route to providing the customer with a digital image of a print receipt and coupon using the Star App on their mobile. The service also provides the retailer with access to analytics, an in-store customer survey and device management tools.

With zero development required, AllReceipts™ is enabled within the Star TSP100 printer driver and works independently of a retailer’s POS software. Triggered by a traditional printed receipt, a digital copy of the receipt is sent to the AllReceipts App on the customer’s mobile with no email address required. Receipts can only be claimed once and are then deleted, while saved receipts can be viewed by date or by retailer.

Digital receipting eliminates the issues typically associated with email receipting including the time taken to record email addresses and the potential problem that these could be taken down incorrectly. The immediate advantage perceived by the customer is the choice to remain anonymous and yet still receive a digital image of the receipt and coupon when offered.

AllReceipts is currently available in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand with other regions to follow.

sdkDownload Star TSP100 V6.0 driver