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When is a paper roll not a paper roll?

Paper consumption is a hot topic and retailers wanting to lower their paper costs have sometimes turned to using thinner, narrower or lower quality paper to achieve this. What is often not so obvious is that with better house keeping and more efficient hardware, retailers can improve their paper consumption while retaining the same high quality output.

Our thermal POS printers can provide retailers with a number of features to reduce paper consumption by up to 70%, reducing paper costs and enabling benefits such as less frequent paper roll changes at the checkout as well as lower transportation and logistics costs.

However, Star can only go so far towards guaranteeing a reduced cost of ownership, retailers need to do their own house keeping and check their own consumables carefully.

Here are Star’s top tips to keep your paper consumption in check:

1. Buy the right size paper roll – Check the optimum paper roll size, diameter and core for your printer. By not using the correct sized roll it could lead to more roll changes and greater paper wastage.

2. Do till roll dimensions really matter? – Always check the number of metres that are on a roll and choose the maximum metres for a diameter. For example using a 100mm diameter roll compared to an 80mm diameter roll will save you paper and time between changing each printer roll.

3. Go coreless – By selecting a high quality coreless paper roll for mobile thermal printers, you can save up to 10 – 40% of paper per roll.

4. Can cheaper rolls save money? – Buying cheaper till rolls usually mean you are buying lower quality paper. Typically, low cost paper can cause a range of printer issues including paper jamming, created by “dust” which over time can clog and damage the printer and even invalidate the printer warranty.


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