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Payments on the Move

izettle_starCash is King for small businesses … until your customer wants to pay by card.

And when that happens, mobile point of sale quickly becomes an attractive option for instant, secure transactions and maintaining customer loyalty.

Working with major mobile payment players in the market, Star’s printing and mPOS hardware solutions are being adopted along with mobile payment terminals for micro merchants and traders who want to provide simple card payments on the move.

As Neal Dodson, a window cleaner who is using the iZettle card reader with the Star SM-T300i mobile receipt printer says: “I have customers of all ages. While some customers are happy to pay by cash or cheque, others prefer to pay by card. This means I have to call back which costs me time and money so that’s why I decided to try a card payment method.”

Supporting iOS, Android and Windows devices, Star’s range of 2”, 3” and 4” Bluetooth mobile printers with extended battery life provide a versatile and reliable solution for today’s expanding mobile payment market.