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DP8340FD Serial Friction, Black / Red
DP8340FC Parallel Friction, Black / Red

DP8340 Series Models and Part Numbers 

Please be aware this product has recently been discontinued. Please contact Star EMEA if you have any large projects or would like to know about alternative printing solutions.

Wide format matrix receipt printer

The DP8340 was the first POS printer manufactured by Star but such is its uniqueness that there is still high demand for it today.

An extremely robust and reliable printer, it is the only small dot matrix printer on the market capable of printing on paper up to 114mm wide and with the option of a 12V power supply, making it an ideal mobile printer to install in lorries and vans printing delivery invoices.  Its high reliability and low cost means the DP8340 is also suitable as a data logging or record printer in unattended environments.


  • Reliable budget entry level printer with tear bar
  • 2 lines per second print speed
  • Compact receipt / lable / data output solution
  • Black and red printing
  • Separate 230V AC power supply with 12V DC output
  • In-vehicle power cable and wall mount options available

DP8340 Specifications

Max. Print Speed Up to 2 lps (bidirectional)
Resolution 203 dpi, 406 x 203 dpi selectable
No. of Columns 40 (12 CPI) 48 or 60 column option
Autocutter Tear Bar Only
Paper Width 114mm
Paper Thickness Max. 0.09mm
Paper Roll Standard Option Roll Paper or Sprocket Fanfold, Max. 80mm diameter
Media Presentation  
Print Width 84.3mm
Interface Serial, Parallel
Ink Ribbon Black / Red (SF-03BR), Black (SF-03B)
Power Supply External Option PS8340
Power Consumption  
Energy Star  
Reliability 10 Million Lines
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm Weight 202 x 200 x 98 1.9kg
  • Wall Mount Bracker
  • In Vehicle Power Cable

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DP8340 Models

Part Number Model Description
89208086 DP8340FD WHITE  Compact, Wide Format (114mm) receipt printer, Friction Feed, Serial
89208286 DP8340FC WHITE  Compact, Wide Format (114mm) receipt printer, Friction Feed, Parallel
30781685 PS8340 Adapter SET EU Plug Set  PS8340 EU Plug Set Adapter, Compatible with DP8340 
30782130 PS60A-24C PSU UK  24VDC Mains Power Supply Unit. UK Power Lead
80900050 SF-03B (Carton qty 100pcs)  SF-03B, Black Ribbon, Compatible with DP8340 
99249604 SF-03B/R (Carton qty 100pcs)  SF-03B/R, Black/Red Ribbon, Compatible with DP8340

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