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Speed of service is the name of the game for the UK’s leading multi-channel retailer, Argos. As the business continues to grow and its range of products and services increase, Argos wanted to install new networked POS printers in each of its stores that guaranteed fast output as well as long-term reliability. A 6000-ticket trial in which Star Micronics was pitted against three competing products clearly demonstrated that the high speed 250mm/second TSP700II printer was perfect for the job. The fact that Star also went the extra mile by adapting the printer specifically to suit Argos’ needs secured the TSP700II’s position as the picking ticket printer. For each customer order received in store, the TSP700II produces a ticket in the warehouse for product ‘pickers’ to seize to provide them with the details of the products they need to quickly locate and take to counter sales for collection by the customer. Clearly, speed is of the essence and printing at 250mm per second, the TSP700II is ideal. The modified, wider partial-cut autocutter also means that one ticket can easily be ripped away from the others and overcomes the potential problem of a string of tickets falling to the floor under its own weight. High speed ease of operation is also underscored by the TSP700II’s ‘Drop- In & Print’ paper load function as well as the audible low paper warning given by the Star fitted buzzer. Equipped with an Ethernet interface, the TSP700II meets Argos’ needs for networked communication. Its superior reliability (60 million lines MCBF for the printer and 2 million cuts MCBF for the autocutter) assures the retailer of performance longevity: a critical requirement in this fast-moving environment. So impressed was Argos with the capabilities of the TSP700II that it has also adopted the versatile printer for the production of return labels, as a means of automating the process for greater efficiency. Using the same model for both picking and tickets affords Argos with reduced support costs and provides the retailer with the added bonus of being able to switch printers between applications to accommodate peak transaction periods. Over 1,000 printers have been implemented in Argos stores throughout the UK so far for product picking, with a further 1,000 picking ticket and 900 label printers scheduled for installation in the forthcoming months. The result? Rich pickings for Argos; speed of service for its customers and complete versatility with its printers. Just the ticket!


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27th January 2015