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Optical Express

Optical Express

Founded in 1991 Optical Express has become one of Europe’s leading eye care and health care specialists ranging from optical stores, laser and dental clinics, to state of the art medical hospitals and cosmetic treatment centres. With its nationwide network of over 200 stores, Optical Express is the number one combined provider of spectacles, contact lenses and laser eye surgery in the UK. Following a recent decision to upgrade the printers used within its UK stores, Optical Express had to find a printer that met its specific requirements. With the need to print wide receipts containing a rang of details including laboratory information, the TSP800II from international POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics proved to be the ideal solution. Connected to a touch screen system, the TSP800II is capable of printing 180mm/sec and features a scalable raster driver that can scale an A4 page down to virtual A6. With a print width up to 112mm and the ability to print on paper stock up to 0.15mm in thickness, the TSP800II is a highly versatile printer. Furthermore, with a compact footprint and ‘Drop-in and Print’ easy paper loading facility, the TSP800II offers a range of unique features. As Craig Duffy, IT Manager at Optical Express, states, “The TSP800II from Star Micronics was an obvious choice. We needed a printer that could print a large amount of information and given the unique print width of the TSP800II this printer offered the perfect solution. We are very pleased to date with the performance of the printer and have completed the installation of 225 printers.”


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18th January 2015