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SaleDock and SumUp provide innovative POS and payment solution for The Spirit Specialist

Based in east Riding, Yorkshire, Ben Bowers the Spirit Specialist focuses on quenching even the most delicate thirst by providing curated Zoom testing sessions along with a dedicated physical shop offering a choice of drink even for those with the most refined palate.



SaleDock POS helps Ben understand trends better, so he can optimise his menu. Ben can instantaneously adjust the prices both his POS/ e-commerce website and the analytics allow Ben to compare and contrast sales data in real time, thus always keeping his costs under control. The robust inventory provides Ben with the confidence that he would never run out of stock when most needed.

Ben trusted SumUp to be his card payment provider. The world’s tireless march towards a cashless society meant that less and less of Ben’s customers would actually carry any cash on them. So, Ben needed a reliable and durable card machine which is integrated with his POS provider, comes with no contacts or monthly fees, processes all major cards and has a fixed transaction fee, so Ben can focus on taking his business from one strength to the next.

Each great software product needs an even better hardware companion and for SaleDock and Ben that is the Star mPOP which features a thermal receipt printer and a cash drawer elegantly built into a slick and sound casing giving Ben a neatly looking cable free till area and the durability to withstand the intense day to-day operations of a busy shop.