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Schenker Recognises the Benefits of Star Kiosk Printers

This week, we have been sent a great video clip highlighting how useful the Schenker Self-Service Postal Kiosks are across Sweden, on Swedish TV channel ‘SNT’.

Working in collaboration with Exchange Finance and West International, DB Schenker Privpak AB offers self-service kiosks which provide users with an efficient and easy means of sending packages. Designed by West International and featuring our Star TSP800 Kiosk Printers, the kiosks allow users to book in packages online at their local convenience store or service station and simply print out the address ticket to then be scanned and received. Customers also have the opportunity to make use of the kiosk’s range of other financial services such as paying bills and topping up mobile phone credit.

As the video indicates, many people in Sweden are upset with the Swedish banks for issuing high processing charges for paying bills into the bank. The Schenker kiosk at local service stations offers a cost effective alternative to visiting the bank.

To find out more about the Schenker success story, check out the full case study.