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Star AllReceipts Cloud Based Digital Receipting


Retailers across the UK usingAllReceipts_slider the Star TSP100 series can now take advantage of its unique free of charge digital receipting service. Star’s established TSP100 customer base that includes Selfridges, Hamleys and McDonald’s has the opportunity to benefit from this market changing software that offers a low cost, fast route to providing the customer with a digital image of a print receipt and coupon using the Star App on their mobile. The service also provides the retailer with access to analytics, an in-store customer survey and device management tools.

With zero development required, AllReceipts™ is enabled within the Star TSP100 printer driver and works independently of a retailer’s POS software. Triggered by a traditional printed receipt, a digital copy of the receipt is sent to the AllReceipts App on the customer’s mobile with no email address required. Receipts can only be claimed once and are then deleted, while saved receipts can be viewed by date or by retailer.

Digital receipting eliminates the issues typically associated with email receipting including the time taken to record email addresses and the potential problem that these could be taken down incorrectly. The immediate advantage perceived by the customer is the choice to remain anonymous and yet still receive a digital image of the receipt and coupon when offered.

The Coupon Marketing and Text Trigger Tools, available free of charge with the TSP100, offer the automatic generation and printing of coupons based on pre-determined key product words. The facility to easily produce coupons that can be stored on the AllReceipts App on the customer’s mobile will greatly benefit retailers who will see increased coupon redemption levels, thanks to coupons and expiry dates being readily available for viewing by the customer.

AllReceipts offers the following reporting tools for the retailer:

• The Device Management Tool provides real time status across the installed base of printers including different locations with refreshed error status notification on a comprehensive cloud based dashboard.

• The AllReceipts App invites customers to respond to a suite of easily recognisable icons to acknowledge the quality of service received before claiming their latest receipt. All responses are sent to the survey dashboard for analysis, allowing retailers to assess how many customers have claimed receipts and their level of satisfaction at the service received. The link between the Device Management Tool and Survey tools will further allow retailers to drill down to the exact POS station involved and help highlight any staffing issues.

Star has recently extended its portfolio of desktop POS printers to offer a new ultra white range to aesthetically match an Apple, Android or Windows tablet. Retailers can now benefit from an ultra white cash drawer and TSP100 desktop printer, available on the Apple Store:, with AllReceipts software to create a stylish, cloud mPOS solution.

Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA, states: “Star has used its considerable expertise in receipt printing to develop a cloud solution that responds to today’s rapidly changing retail environment. Designed to accompany the traditional printed receipt, AllReceipts offers retailers of all sizes an immediate free of charge, secure and easy route to digital receipting. Customers benefit from a flexible and reliable means of saving and viewing receipts and coupons on their mobile while retailers profit from a range of valuable cloud based reporting tools.”