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True Digital Receipting for the 21st Century

Aiming to keep ahead of the trend, Star is proud to launch yet another industry leading receipting application to our ever growing receipt technology portfolio.

By listening to our customers, we recognise tracking spending and not losing receipts is no small task. So we have decided to simplify this important process and make it as easy and convenient for the customer as possible.

What’s the solution?
Star AllReceipts
Available on all models of the TSP100 Series with Access to Microsoft’s Azure Cluster, at NO EXTRA COST, retailers will have an immediate low cost route to digital receipting, provided free of charge with the printer.

With zero development needed, AllReceipts is enabled with the Star printer driver. Working independently of a retailer’s existing POS software, it automatically generates and securely sends an image of the receipt to the cloud, triggered by a traditional print receipt.

AllReceipts is a Digital Receipt service that uses the Cloud to bridge the gap between the retailer and customer. This easily manageable app allows the customer to keep their finger on the pulse of their spending, never again can they lose a receipt!

AllReceipts will be a FREE of CHARGE driver update for those currently using all models of the TSP100 Series (other Star printer ranges to follow throughout 2015). Promotion of Star’s AllReceipts App can be added to the bottom of customers’ receipts or incorporated into a Retailer’s Loyalty Card scheme, allowing customers to access loyalty information / coupons via the AllReceipts API (contact Star’s Technical Team for more information and costs). AllReceipts will also incorporate reporting analytics and device management tools.

How does it work for the customer and retailer?
Star AllReceipts Digital Receipting Service for customers:
• Claim and Save a digital copy of the receipt on a smart device of your choice. Once claimed, the receipt is deleted from the cloud.
• View your receipts by date or retailer without the need to share your email address or take a photo of your receipt.

Star’s AllReceipts Digital Receipting Service for retailers:
Alongside providing retailers with a Digital Receipt Service for their customers, AllReceipts also incorporates reporting analytics and device management tools for retailers including:
• Data on all Receipts printed and claimed.
• Device Management Tool providing real time status across the installed base of printers.
• “Instant” Customer Satisfaction Survey which the customer completes when claiming the receipt.

Want to learn more?
Download the Star AllReceipts Brochure for more information.