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Star USB Printers & Star TSP100 Series with Windows Updates

Update 01/03/22

Driver V7.6 available on Star support site resolves known issues

Update 04/11/21:

Star R&D have been continuing to work with Microsoft on this issue and have prepared an updated driver to resolve the requirement for additional permissions for the Windows spooler. The driver is available from:

This driver additionally adds support for the Microsoft Dynamics365 PrintMemoryBitmap function under OPOS.

Update 12/07/21:

Star have released an updated driver to work within the new spooler security requirements of the 1st July patch, this can be downloaded from:

Microsoft have released a subsequent patch on the 6th July which further improves security, but means that one of the interim remedies “Switch to a local user while signed in as an administrator”, no longer works to resolve the issues. It is recommended to update to the latest driver above.

Updated 08/07/21:

This security update is directly related to the PrintNightmare vulnerability which has recently been discovered in various Windows OSs and detailed here:

We are still working with Microsoft to find a solution which is both compatible with existing drivers and addresses the vulnerability of the spooler subsystem on which our drivers rely.

The workarounds documented in the “more information” link are currently the only known methods available to restore normal operation but we also plan to release a new installer for the TSP100 to make sure that the user account has the correct privileges by week commencing 19th July. There may also be an additional patch by Microsoft to address the issues.


Updated 18/06/21

It has been noticed that recent Windows updates have removed the ability of normal user accounts to access a printer driver which was installed using an Admin account. This leads to the printer not being able to return status to the Windows host and for Star printers with a USB connection, and various interface Star TSP100 printers, this means that the Command Emulator cannot be called to translate the data from the application into the required image data for the printer itself. When a TSP100 printer receives raw data, this can lead to the triggering of the cutter and or cashdrawer connected to the printer without any printed data.

We have escalated the issues caused by the Windows Update  to Microsoft and hope that it will be resolved in a future patch that will be available very soon, but we cannot give any indication of when this is likely to be.

At the current time, there are temporary solutions that we can provide, until a full fix is available, probably in a future Windows Update or via a further permissions change from Microsoft:

Please see more information here

Please bookmark this page for the latest information, which will be updated as soon as we get further details on the permanent fix for this issue.

Our support teams will not be able to expand on this information, so this page will be kept updated with the latest news on this subject.