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The Unique printer range from Star that turns tablet and Traditional POS upside down

Star Micronics, the innovative POS printer manufacturer, has once again introduced two game changing products that offer unique benefits to retailers of all sizes.

Whether you are a high street retailer, a pop up store or a restaurant, tablet POS has significant advantages for your business.  Reduced investment costs, easy set-up and flexibility to immediately react to market changes, not to mention greater efficiencies, are just a few of the undisputed benefits. Coupled with reliable, stylish hardware you have an mPOS solution that is not only low cost but offers a wide range of features to enhance your business including improved flexibility to process transactions at various locations across the store.  

Larger players across retail and hospitality have typically shied away from tablet POS for a number of reasons. One of these is connectivity. More traditional cabled POS terminals have been the preferred option resulting in more expensive installations. This situation is further compounded by the fact that tablet POS receipt printers need network connections and cabling for reliable printer connection and tablet charging when cable-free communication is not considered suitable.

Bluetooth connectivity may be slow and WiFi has to take into account possible obstacles. This becomes even more complicated for hospitality with orders taken at the table going directly to the bar and the kitchen.  Faced with these challenges, multisite operators have been reticent to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-savings associated with tablet POS.  Each venue has to be tailored according to the location, type of venue and volume of transactions. Managing an estate of multiple tablets and paired Bluetooth devices means that it can be operationally difficult to maintain the right connection between the right peripherals and devices.

With software now in the Cloud, direct connectivity with a tablet enabled by Star Micronics has solved these problems to provide a secure reliable connection without the need for a cumbersome POS terminal. Sleek and stylish tablet POS with a reliable connection is now available to retailers of all sizes.

Star’s first game changer is the new TSP143IIIU with a unique key feature – this USB printer can communicate and charge simultaneously and directly via cable with an iPad, iPod or iPhone.  As well as working with a traditional POS terminal as a standard USB printer for Windows, Android, Linux and MAC, the Star TSP143IIIU USB printer can connect directly to an iPad or iPhone using the Apple-supplied lightning cable for reliable USB communication as opposed to previous iOS wireless only technologies. As a result, the usual Bluetooth or WiFi / wired LAN set-up issues around pairing, network infrastructure, connectivity, etc., are eliminated from a hardware perspective.  No other stand-alone POS printer can achieve this today. 

Simplicity itself, the iPad / iPhone can talk directly to the printer just as a USB printer talks to a traditional terminal, providing retailers with the reliability required in high volume transactions or environments where wireless communication is difficult.  This unique printer will now allow multisite operators to make blanket decisions across their estates by successfully combining the flexibility of tablet POS with the reliability of cabled POS terminals. Furthermore, the TSP143IIIU offers a more cost-effective alternative to a Bluetooth or WiFi printer. 

For retailers choosing to use the TSP143IIIU as a standard USB printer for traditional POS, savings in terms of installation costs can be made when faced with having to install a large number of printers across a store.  The free-of-charge value added futurePRNT™ software, available across the entire TSP100 series, enables users to install high volume, customer set-ups without even taking the printer out of its box.  All settings are stored on the PC removing the need to pre-configure the printer itself while providing time and maintenance savings, ideal for large-scale installations. Additional futurePRNT tools include instant coupon as well as receipt re-design tools.  ECO features are also included with both horizontal and vertical text reduction, allowing retailers to benefit from paper saving features as well as a print on demand function.  Benefitting from a 4 year warranty including print head and cutter just adds to the superior features of the TSP100 series.

With digital receipting emerging as a growing trend, Star has led in developing a service that transforms a receipt printer into a cloud-connected device. Its digital receipting service AllReceipts™ offers retailers a free of charge, fast route to providing the customer with a digital copy of a print receipt as well as access to analytics, an in-store customer survey and a device management tool. 

The unique beauty of this service is that with zero development required, the digital receipting service AllReceipts is enabled within the Star TSP100 printer driver and works independently of a retailer’s POS software. Triggered by a traditional printed receipt, a digital copy of the receipt is sent to the AllReceipts App on the customer’s mobile with no email address or mobile number required.  Receipts can only be claimed once and are then deleted, while saved receipts can be viewed by date or by retailer with personal or business tags on the customer’s device.  The Engage NOW feature allows the customer to further engage with the retailer by simply touching the retailer’s logo on their smart phone to link to the retailer’s promotional landing page in order to see promotions, discounts, new arrivals and coupons. Engage NOW is secure and easily customizable, providing a highly personal customer connection that enhances the overall customer experience.

Retailers can also benefit from a device management tool that provides real-time status across the installed base of Star printers. Paper-empty or unplugged printers are immediately identified with refreshed error status notification on a comprehensive cloud-based dashboard. Real-time status enables retailers to identify issues with a printer such as an open cover or cash drawer, or if the printer is out of paper or unplugged.

Star’s success with a large number of software houses has been achieved by its attention to detail regarding SDKs and documentation, enabling easy integration. With a focus on developing unique Cloud solutions, Star’s second key game changer is the HI X Connect interface that incorporates Star’s digital receipting service and provides an ideal upgrade path to the Cloud. The versatile, feature-rich interface with new Star CloudPRNT™ technology provides intelligent printing for a range of retail, hospitality and logistics applications, offering unparalleled flexibility for remote receipt and order printing.

The Star TSP654II, TSP743II and TSP847II label, ticket and receipt printers as well as the SP700 kitchen printer can easily be upgraded and transformed into a cloud printer by simply using the cost-effective HI X Connect interface.  Alternatively, the TSP654II CloudPRNT printer with built-in interface is cloud-ready. 

Fitted to the compatible printer models, the HI X Connect interface boasts a variety of connectivity options and Development Tools to provide a versatile future-proof solution. WiFi, USB and Ethernet connections can all be used concurrently with the printer printing on a first come, first served basis.

Star CloudPRNT enables remote printing directly and securely from a web server to Star printers anywhere in the world without the need for a local POS terminal or PC, avoiding complicated network configurations.  This solution is ideal for cloud-based POS applications such as shelf-edge labelling, Click & Collect, restaurant aggregation and courier deliveries.

With a wide range of options available to retailers of all sizes, Star offers POS solutions that can be tailored to your individual requirements whether you are currently using a traditional POS solution, looking for an upgrade path to the Cloud or upgrading your existing tablet POS system.  Star recommends that you talk to your system integrator or to Star directly to find out how to effectively future-proof your POS system and identify which printers, or indeed which single printer, can achieve this.