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Kiosk Solutions

As a leading provider of packaged and modular specialist kiosk printing solutions, Star offers a wide range of industry-leading products. Offering high quality receipt, ticket and label printing solutions from specialised kiosk mechanisms and housed printers, Star solutions are integrated into some of the world’s largest kiosk and self-service applications including Government projects, Click & Collect and product returns stations, endless aisle, parking and access control, food ordering and visitor management.

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Thermal Receipt Printers in a Kitchen Environment

Traditional impact printers have long been the backbone of kitchen order
management, however thermal printers are increasingly becoming the kitchen printer of choice with a greater range of connectivity options and printer formats offering a more streamlined and flexible solution.

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Star TSP100IV Exploring Connectivity

In the world of retail and hospitality point of sale, the choice of connectivity
for receipt and order printers is a crucial decision that can significantly
impact the efficiency and functionality of your business operations.

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Elevate Your Business with Customised Receipts

In today’s competitive business landscape, creating a memorable brand image and nurturing customer engagement are crucial. While many
business owners focus on marketing strategies and customer experiences, one often overlooked opportunity lies right in front of them: the humble receipt.

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