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Fine – Tuning Payments With Technology

When you are busy managing your business, you want the reassurance that valued guests can pay conveniently perhaps with an online deposit upfront, the balance later and for extras when they stay with you, and securely.

Focused on the unique needs of the hospitality sector, Kashing is the only payments company that combines online and offline payment facilities into a single service with fixed costs. The beauty of the technology is that it eliminates complex accounts with multiple service providers and delivers a single flexible offering that manages all payment processing needs. Providing a quick, simple and secure payment solution, you do not have to worry about customer’s card data security or compliance with card brands.

Accepting payment face-to-face, via a website or over the phone using Kashing’s branded card payment device could not be easier. The Kashing app provides everything you need to manage bookings, stock inventory and sales.

The proprietors of The Roseleigh Guest House explain how the app has helped their business: “Kashing came on board with us and they’ve been tremendous with customer support. The online system is very good because it basically gives you a detailed report for each payment you make and it is easy to learn. Each day they provide a list of the transactions that occur and we can see how much each customer has paid as well as the total for the day. It just makes our life really easy.”

As Karen Rossouw, CEO, Kashing, says: “We want to change the way independent business owners feel about accepting payments and provide the facilities that were exclusively for larger companies.” Karen adds: “The technology allows you to manage payments so you don’t have to worry about card security or UK regulation. One unique feature is the re-charge facility whereby repeat clients can simply ask to have their card re-charged without having to submit their details again. And, as all payments go through one accounting system you don’t need different providers.” 

Using the mPOP™ from Star you can benefit from not only the very latest technology but also a compact and aesthetic tablet POS solution. As a combined Bluetooth printer and cash drawer system it is low cost, lightweight and space-saving at just 10cm high and 30cm wide. With front feed receipting, mPOP can easily be placed under the counter for enhanced space-saving.

Working with all major operating systems including Apple iOS, Android and Windows, mPOP provides a versatile system that is ready to work with Kashing’s payment solution. Bluetooth connectivity results in only one mains cable for full operation while the mPOP LED display will quickly determine pairing status as well as any issues such as paper out. With 4 USB ports, additional tablet, phone and scanner charging is available from the one cable.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Kashing. The simple yet secure features of Kashing’s payment solution combined with Star’s unique mPOP™ provide the B&B industry with a tablet POS system that is not only innovative and versatile but also compact, stylish and easy to use,” concludes Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA.

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