Advanced mPOS Solution

Outstanding Connectivity and Design

The Star mPOP™ is a unique combined receipt printer and cash drawer, simple and elegant, yet loaded with intuitive design features. At just 10cm high and 30cm wide, the mPOP™ is easily transportable and offers a contemporary alternative to a traditional cash register or EPOS system for stores, cafés, restaurants, pop-up shops, street food vendors and food vans. The mPOP can be easily secured on any counter top or or can be fixed under the counter. With Bluetooth or USB-C connectivity, the mPOP will connect with Apple®, Android and Windows tablets or smartphones and only one mains cable is needed for operation.
Unique 58mm thermal receipt printer and compact cash drawer ideal for mobile POS and mobile Payment in retail and hospitality
The mPOP® combines a thermal receipt printer with “drop-in and print” paper loading and print flat technology with a versatile cash drawer with multiple note and coin configurations.
Simply connect a USB scanner or customer display via one of the additional USB ports
Combined Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer

Compact and versatile

The mPOP is compact yet full of useful features with smart cable routing and direct tablet charging to keep cables to a minimum – ideal for small counters, salons, food trucks, cafes and pop up stores.

Your choice of software

Connect to iOS, Android and Windows tablets with your choice of POS software. Retail and hospitality software providers worldwide have integrated Star’s mPOP to create a complete POS solution.

Bluetooth or USB

Connect to your choice of tablet via the Bluetooth or USB-C mPOP model. the mPOPCI USB model includes direct USB-C connectity to iOS devices for data communication and charging.

Product Features

  • Unique MPOS solution. Combined receipt printer and cash drawer compatible with a wide range of retail and hospitality software
  • Ultra compact with advanced cable routing to maintain sleek design
  • Reliable 58mm wide 100mm/second thermal printer with easy top paper loading and autocutter as standard
  • Functional compact cash drawer with fast drawer release, multi-configurable note and coin slots
  •  mPOP Bluetooth model: USB-B, USB-A 1.5A x 2, USB-A 0.5A x 2
    mPOPCI USB-C with “Data & Charge” for iOS devices, USB-B, USB-A 0.5A x 1
  • Clear LED display for status information such as paper low, Bluetooth pairing status etc.
  • Additional USB ports for external devices  such as scanner and customer display
  • Secure counter clip and under counter mount
  • Add a second cash drawer (mPOP Bluetooth model only)
  • Access to Star Cloud Services
  • Optional Accessories include SCD222 Customer Display, Barcode Scanners, Tablet stands

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Versions POP10 (Bluetooth, USB-B, USB-A 1.5A x 2, USB-A 0.5A x 2)
POP10CI (USB-C with “Data & Charge” for iOS Devices, USB-B, USB-A 0.5A x 1)
Printer 2″ direct thermal with front loading design, autocutter (full or partial cut)
Print Speed 100mm/s
Paper Width
Diameter Thickness
Paper Load
Paper Exit
Thermal roll paper (Contact Star for details)
50mm, core diameter 12mm
0.053 – 0.075mm
Drop In & Print
Front presentation
Cash Drawer 4 upright note holders and flexible 6 or 8 coin slots
Support for an additional cash drawer with latest mPOP SDK and mPOP Utility
Lock Key Software controlled lock with emergency lock release
Internal Power Supply Energy Star
mPOP Case Colour White & Silver / Black & Silver
Connectivity mPOP10 (Bluetooth, USB-B, USB-A 1.5A x 2, USB-A 0.5A x 2)
mPOP10CI (USB-C with “Data & Charge” for iOS Devices, USB-B, USB-A 0.5A x 1)
Status LEDs Yes (power, error, Bluetooth pairing etc.)
Operating System iOS / Android / Windows
Emulation Star Line Mobile Mode
USB Port mPOP10  –  USB-B, USB-A 1.5A x 2, USB-A 0.5A x 2
mPOP10CI  –  USB-C, USB-B, USB-A 0.5A x 1
Sensors Cover open, paper end
External Dimensions 308 x 300 x 100mm (w x d x h) 3.5kg
Included mPOP Printer and Cash Drawer, Simple double sided tablet stand, mPOP fixing tool, AC cable, Paper roll, BCR (with scanner version), Star Quick Setup Utility (download), Access to Star Cloud Services
mPOP Options
  • Wired Star 1D Bar Code Scanner
  • Under Counter Mount Kit
  • 3rd Party VESA Stand Fixing Base
  • Kensington Lock
  • Tablet stand options (contact Star for more information)
  • SCD222 Customer Display
  • High Powered Y Cable for charging Apple iPad Pro and other iOS devices (Bluetooth model only)


Part Number Model Description
39650091 POP10 WHT E+U Printer mPOP Combined 58mm Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer, Bluetooth, USB-B, USB-A 1.5A x 2, USB-A 0.5A x 2, Autocutter, White Case
39650291 POP10 BLK E+U Printer mPOP Combined 58mm Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer, Bluetooth, USB-B, USB-A 1.5A x 2, USB-A 0.5A x 2, Autocutter, Black Case
39655290 POP10CI WHT E+U PRINTER mPOP Combined 58mm Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer, USB-C, USB-B, USB-A x 1, Autocutter, White Case
39655390 POP10CI BLK E+U PRINTER mPOP Combined 58mm Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer, USB-C, USB-B, USB-A x 1, Autocutter, Black Case
39594100 BCR -POP1 White Star 1D barcode scanner for mPOP White
39594110 BCR -POP1 Black Star 1D barcode scanner for mPOP Black
39590900 mPOP counter mount kit Under Counter Mount Kit for mPOP
39590910 mPOP stand bracket White Bracket Stand White for use with mPOP
39590920 mPOP stand bracket Black Bracket Stand Black for use with mPOP
99250302 POPPACK 10 STAND WHT PopPack Metal Plate and Tablet Stand White
99250310 POPPACK 10 STAND BLK PopPack Metal Plate and Tablet Stand Black
30782120 PS60A-24C PSU EU Plug 24VDC Mains Power Supply Unit. EU Power Lead
30782130 PS60A-24C PSU UK Plug 24VDC Mains Power Supply Unit. UK Power Lead
37966470 mPOP Y cable for IOS 2.4A mPOP Charging Y Cable for Apple IOS devices ONLY using 2 1.5A mPOP charging ports (Bluetooth model only)
39990030 SCD222U BLK Customer Display Black
39990020 SCD222U WHT Customer Display White
99250280  mPOP Paper Rolls 20 x Thermal rolls: Paper width 57mm, diameter: 50mm, core size 12mm  60gsm