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POS Consumables


Ribbons for Star Matrix Printers

The key to long-term quality printing is in the quality of the consumable used. Just as much effort and dedication is required to develop a Star ribbon capable of both producing quality print, as well as protecting the most valuable working part of the printer – the print head.consumables

Using cheaper compatible ribbons may not only have an immediate effect on the output achieved, but could also have a lasting and detrimental effect on the life and working efficiency of the printer.

After having invested in the right hardware, it would be a false economy, to use consumables not matched to the working parts of the printer purchased. Star knows how to produce a quality consumable that a Star printer requires and only genuine Star ribbons are capable of achieving consistent high quality output, offering many years of trouble free service.

Please contact us to enquire about your nearest Star consumables distributor.


Paper for Star Printers

The quality of the paper or labels used makes a difference. Lower quality paper and label stock can be more abrasive, causing damage to the print head and built-in cutter in the printer.

Standard thermal and matrix paper rolls are available from Star resellers.  Star is also able to supply special paper sizes for Star mPOP as well as our kiosk and mobile printer range.  Please contact us for paper suppliers in your region.

Paper Specifications

Star mPOP
Thermal rolls: Paper width 57mm, diameter: 50mm, core size 12mm  60gsm
Mobile Printers: SM-L200, SM-S230i, SM-S220i Thermal rolls: Paper width 57mm, diameter 40mm, core size 12mm 60gsm
Star part number: 99250266
Mobile Printer: SM-T300i
Thermal rolls: Paper width 80mm, diameter 50mm, core size 12mm 60gsm
Star part number: 99250272
Star TSP800 / TUP900
Thermal rolls: Paper width 112mmmm, diameter 100mm, core size 25mm 80gsm
Star part number: 99250278