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mCP20 2″ 58mm front feed, top-loading receipt printer with dual Ethernet / USB Interface and Star CloudPRNT™

mCP21LB 2″ 58mm front feed, top-loading receipt printer with Ethernet, USB, Lightning USB with SteadyLAN™, Bluetooth and Star CloudPRNT™ plus Hub with 2 USB host ports

mC-Print Models

mC-Print: True Omni-Channel
POS Printing Solutions

Combining sophistication with high functionality, Star’s mC-Print2™ and mC-Print3™ printers, part of Star’s new mCollection, have been designed to aesthetically match the sleek, modern design of tomorrow’s retail and hospitality environments.

The super-compact, front-feed printers offer high quality printing and exceptional functionality with up to 5 interfaces including Star CloudPRNT as well as hub functionality, controlling select USB peripherals attached to the printer including Cash Drawer, Scanner and Customer Display.

The mC-Print2 is a compact, high quality and versatile solution ideal for businesses operating traditional PC POS systems as well as those migrating to tablet and web-based POS.


Reliable Network Access for Tablet POS
Star’s unique SteadyLAN patent pending technology is the market’s first POS printer solution to provide control of the printer and attached peripherals as well as Ethernet provision to tablets and mobile devices via the wired Ethernet port of the printer.

Simply by connecting a tablet to the mC-Print printer via the standard supplied USB cable and connecting the printer to the internet via a Wired LAN connection, the tablet is able to connect to the internet without WiFi communication. At the same time, the tablet can communicate with the printer via USB or LAN and the printer will also charge the tablet

For locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible or unreliable, this new technology is a world first, providing the stability of a cabled LAN connection for tablet POS systems.

SteadyLAN is available on the following mC-Print models: mCP21LB, mCP31L, and mCP31LB.

Star CloudPRNT™ 

Star CloudPRNT provides intelligent printing from a web server from any network to Star printers anywhere in the world without the need for a local POS teminal enabling unparalleled flexibility for remote receipt and remote order printing using a standard receipt printer.

All of the mC-Print series is Cloud-ready. The MCP20 offers entry-level Cloud Printing with USB and LAN interface.  The MCP21LB offers Cloud Printing and features 2 additional USB host ports for local or Cloud based peripheral control.


Compact and Stylish

Ideal for both traditional and tablet POS, the mC-Print2 is Star’s smallest POS printer saving valuable counter space at just 96 x 113 x 100mm while printing high quality 2″ (58mm) receipts, barcodes and graphics.

Its stylish cube design and front feed together with top paper loading and easy-to-use LED display make it ideal for retail, hospitality and mobile environments where space is at a premium.



Outstanding Connectivity

With USB, Ethernet and Lightning USB interfaces as standard and the added option of a Bluetooth Interface, the mC-Print2 receipt printer can be integrated into any traditional or tablet POS application. Star’s unique iOS Lightning cable port provides device charging, direct cable data transfer between Apple iOS devices and the printer and, using Star’s unique SteadyLAN technology, internet connection for the device via the Ethernet port of the printer.  This simplifies set-up by eliminating the need for pairing and passwords whilst providing a consistent stable internet connection where WiFi is not possible or is intermittent.

Star’s built-in WebPRNT and CloudPRNT technology allows for simple connection to local network or cloud based systems. The mC-Print3 is even Star Cloud Services Ready with Digital Receipting and Internet Device Management already on board. 



Hub functionality

The mC-Print2 offers up to 5 Interfaces + 2 USB Host Ports for Multiple Peripheral Hub Functionality. 

With a single power source you can effectively build your own POS station simply by connecting a USB Scanner, Scales, Customer Display etc. to the mC-Print hub.

Star’s mC-Sound buzzer alert is available to match the mC-Print Series with a choice of up to 16 different pre-programmed alerts plus user defined audio for a range of environments including bar, kitchen, fast food and express order.

Seamless Integration

The mC-Print2 has never been simpler to set up. The mCollection driver set for Windows including OPOS and JavaPOS drivers are available to download from the Star Global Support Site. iOS and Android utility apps are on the respective App store or Google Play store, accessed via a QR code from the printer self-test, and the printers also have a web-based configuration.

On-line, responsive support manuals and diagnostics are available including animated LED indication making the mC-Print2 simple to install and configure from a mobile device.




For developers, the StarPRNTSDK for all popular Star products in one SDK is available from the Star Global Support Site.


  • 100mm/second, 58mm front feed, top-loading thermal receipt printer
  • Compact and stylish 96 x 113 x 100mm
  • Up to 5 interfaces, Ethernet, USB, Lightning USB with unique SteadyLAN™ Technology, Bluetooth, Star CloudPRNT™
  • 2 x USB host ports with multiple peripheral hub functionality
  • Star Cloud Services ready with Star’s Digital Receipting / Internet device management
  • Unique receipt decurl function for flat receipts plus paper end sensor
  • New compact PS60C power supply included with EU and UK plugs
  • Options include Star SCD222 Customer Display, Symbol / Zebra DS9208 2D Scanner, Star 1D Scanner, Star CB2002 cash drawer, Star mC-Drawer compact cash drawer, Star mCPrint Cable Tidy, Star Kitchen Buzzer


mC-Print2 Specifications

Max. Print Speed 100mm/sec.
Resolution 203 dpi
No. of Columns 48
Autocutter Guillotine Autocutter – full or partial cut (centre). Cutter life 2 million cuts
Paper Width 58mm
Paper Thickness 0.053 – 0.075mm
Paper Roll Standard Option Up to 50mm diameter
Print Width
Emulation StarPRNT
Sensors Paper End, Cover Open
Interface MCP20 model: Dual USB / Ethernet, Star CloudPRNT MCP21 Model: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Lightning USB with SteadyLAN™, Star CloudPRNT™ and Hub (2 USB host ports)
Print on Disconnection
Power Supply New Compact PS60 Power Supply with EU and UK Power Cable included. Energy Star Certified.
ECO Features


Star Cloud Services

StarPRNT SDK, WebPRNT SDK, CloudPRNT, PassPRNT, WebPRNT Browser, Windows Driver / Utility

Star Cloud Services Tools included: Digital Receipting, Device Management Tool, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Engage Now, Receipt Flip.

Reliability MCBF
60 Million Lines, 2 Million Cuts
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
96 x 113 x 100mm

Included in the box:
  • Printer, compact PS60C Power Supply, Power Cable, Set Up Guide
  • Star 1D Scanner, 2D Scanner, Cash drawer, SCD222 Customer Display, mC-Print2 Cable Tidy, Kitchen Buzzer


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mC-Print Models

Part Number Model Description
39652490 MCP21LB NH WT E+U Thermal mC-Print2 2 ″ / 58mm LAN, USB, iOS USB with SteadyLAN™ , Bluetooth, Star CloudPRNT™, cutter, white, EU & UK version, PS60C Power Supply included 
39652590 MCP21LB NH BK E+U Thermal mC-Print2 2 ″ / 58mm LAN, USB, iOS USB with SteadyLAN™ , Bluetooth, Star CloudPRNT™, cutter, black, EU & UK version, PS60C Power Supply included
39652090 MCP20 WT E+U Thermal mC-Print2 2″ /58mm Dual LAN & USB interface,Star CloudPRNT™, cutter, white, EU & UK version, Includes PS60C Power Supply
39652190 MCP20 BK E+U Thermal mC-Print2 2″ /58mm Dual LAN & USB interface, Star CloudPRNT™, cutter, black, EU & UK version, Includes PS60C Power Supply
39653090 MCP21 LB WT E+U Thermal mC-Print2 2″ /58mm LAN, USB, Bluetooth, iOS USB with SteadyLAN™, Star CloudPRNT™ plus Hub with 2 host interfaces, cutter, white EU & UK version, Includes PS60C Power Supply
39653190 MCP21 LB BK E+U Thermal mC-Print2 2″ /58mm LAN, USB, Bluetooth, iOS USB with SteadyLAN™, Star CloudPRNT™ plus Hub with 2 host interfaces, cutter, black EU & UK version, Includes PS60C Power Supply
30782120 PS60A-24C PSU EU Plug  24VDC Mains Power Supply Unit. EU Power Lead
30782130 PS60A-24C PSU  UK Plug  24VDC Mains Power Supply Unit. UK Power Lead
39594100 BCR-POP1 WHT 1D scanner Star 1D Scanner white
39594110 BCR-POP1 BLK 1D scanner Star 1D Scanner black
37966440 DS9208 2D black Scanner + USB Cable DS9208 2D Scanner black
39990020 SCD222U WHT Customer Display Star SCD222 white customer display
39990030 SCD222U BLK Customer Display Star SCD222 black customer display
39590930 IFCV-MCP2 WHT mC-Print2 Cable Cover White cable cover for mC-Print2
39590940 IFCV-MCP2 BLK mC-Print2 Cable Cover Black cable cover for mC-Print2
09990641 BUZZER 104S120LFA Kitchen buzzer for mC-Print 2
55555563 CB-2002 LC FN cash drawer ultra white Star CB2002 cash drawer white
55555562 CB-2002 LC FN cash drawer eco black Star CB2002 cash drawer black
99250280 STR575012/60 58mm paper rolls for mC-Print2, 50mm diamater, 60µm / 0.060mm weight, 20 rolls in box
39594010 MCS10 mC-Sound mC-Sound Buzzer Alert with 16 sounds for mC-Print Series

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