Sanei SK4 Series

Entry level 2″ and 3″ open frame kiosk printers

Compact, Open Frame Kiosk Printers

The SK4 series 2″  / 58mm and 3″  / 80mm open frame kiosk printer series provide entry level kiosk printing with a fast print speed of 150mm/sec with 203 dpi resolution.

Available in standard format (horizontal orientation) with and without presenter, the SK4-21/31 series offers a quick and reliable two or three inch wide printing solution designed for servicing kiosks which provide information-intensive reports and receipts.

The new SK4-21 and SK4-31 Series offer a compact and versatile entry level solution for small space applications with a choice of 3 paper roll positions for simpler installation.

Easy to integrate, the SK4 series features two different models to accommodate any application: The SK4-21 (2 inch print width) and
the SK4-31 (3 inch print width). Both models are available with or without Presenter unit. Other option items include LED bezel and Anti-jam bezel.

Dual interface

Dual USB and Serial Interface

Versatile integration

Paper can be mounted in 3 different positions

Multiple options available

A range of bezels, presenters and paper holders available

Product Features

  • Compact and lightweight 2″  / 58mm and 3″ / 80mm entry level printers
  • Up to 150mm/sec print speed
  • Easy to integrate
  • 3 paper positions
  • Dual serial and USB interface
  • Selectable full or partial cut
  • LED Bezel option and Anti-paper Jam Bezel option available
  • Windows Utility driver with Remote Status monitor function available

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Description SK4-21 2 inch entry level open frame kiosk printer
SK4-31 3 inch entry level open frame kiosk printer
Max Print Speed  150mm/s
Resolution 203 dpi
No. of Columns SK1-41A Max 104 col (8 x 16)
Autocutter Full or Partial cut(Command selectable)
Paper Width SK4-21/31: 58mm/80mm
Paper Thickness SK4-21/31: 0,059 – 0,085mm
Paper Roll Standard Option SK4-21 / SK4-31: Max 83mm
Media Presentation Presenter unit – standard or LED
Print Width SK1-41: 72/80/104mm
Sensors Near End
Reflection (PE/BM) & Gap
Interface  RS232C Serial + USB2.0
Power Supply
Power Consumption 60 W printing
1,68 W Standby
Energy Star SK1-41: External, SA1-27A240-1 (optional)
Reliability Print head: 100km, 100milion pulses

Auto cutter: 1,000,000 cuts (specified paper)

Dimensions (W x D x H)mm
Weight (without interface cover)
86(W) x 150(D) x 81.7 (H) mm
weight 356g
106(W) x 150(D) x 81.7 (H) mm
weight: 410g
Document Capture (Anti-litter mode) Document Capture
  • Anti-paper jam Bezel
  • LED Bezel
  • Presenter
  • LED Presenter


Part Number Model Description
37963702 SK1-41ASF4-LQ-M-ST 4″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with paper holder
37964594 SK1-41ASF4-LQP-M-ST 4″ Open Frame Kiosk Printer with paper holder and presenter
37963490 BZ-SK1-1 Bezel Black Standard Bezel
37963710 BZ-SK1-2 Bezel Black Standard Bezel with Separator
37965520 LB-SK1-1 LED Bezel LED Bezel with Sensor (Blue & Red)
37967920 LB-SK1-1G LED Bezel LED Bezel with Sensor (Green & Red)
37969130 BZ2-SK1 BEZEL LED anti-jam Bezel for SK1-211/311 Series (Green & Red)
37969140 BZ2-SK4 BEZEL LED anti-jam Bezel for SK4-21/31 Series (Green & Red)
37966250 HL3-SK141 Large Paper Holder Large Paper Holder for 4″ Kiosk max 254mm
37967970 HL4-SK140 Large Paper Holder Large Paper Holder for 2″, 3″ and 4″ Kiosk max 254mm
37950030 CB-SK1-D7 Cable Power Cable for internal power supply connection (Molex)
37967980 CB-SK1H-D1 Cable Power Cable for 12V Kiosk Printers
37950040 CB-SK1-D8 Cable Power Cable with Hosiden Connector (Molex) for use with Star PS60
37950050 CB-SK1-D9 Power conversion cable (Molex to Hirose)
30782120 PS60A-24C PSU EU Plug Star 24VDC Mains Power Supply EU Power Lead
30782130 PS60A-24C PSU UK Plug Star 24VDC Mains Power Supply UK Power Lead
37967330 CB-SK1-S4 Cable Serial Cable for all SK1 models
37963743 SA4-27A24O-3 PSU for SK1-41 series (Molex)
37969030 HL1 NE Sensor Cable (46CM) Sensor Cable (46CM)
37963730 HL02 – Paper Extension Arm Paper Extension Arm