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Food Labelling



Clear and Accurate Food Labels

With stricter regulations around food labelling, clear and accurate food labels are increasingly important. For increased safety when purchasing food -to-go items, customers expect to see clear ingredients and potential allergens in an easy-to-read format. Printing food labels in real-time is practical, professional and allows for frequent changes. Accurate labelling can also provide increased efficiency and less wastage when it comes to food storage.  Star offers a wide range of reliable direct thermal food label printers for high resolution printing of ingredients, barcodes and use by dates for food safety and allergen labelling for pre-packed foods (PPDS).

Natasha’s Law

The introduction of the The Food Information Regulations known as Natasha’s Law in England in October 2021 will cover labelling requirements for pre-packed food for direct sale.  This includes packaged sandwiches and salads which are prepared earlier by staff and sold on the premises later. These foods will be required to have product labels which provide information on the full ingredients and the allergens contained.

Further information and pricing

Star operates via a global network of distribution partners and resellers.  For more information and pricing, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with details of local resellers.

Efficient Desktop Label Printers

Fast and simple to operate, Star’s TSP700II and TSP800II thermal label printers create clear text and barcodes for food labels up to 4″ wide.  With no toner or ink, these direct thermal label printers print on label rolls which are easy to change with drop-in and print loading and include an automatic label cutter. With a range of connectivity options including USB and Ethernet as well as Bluetooth, they can be integrated into current systems or can simply connect to mobile devices and tablets.  Star’s CloudPRNT technology means they can also operate as a stand-alone solution automatically printing data from a central database using web technologies or email.  Accessories such as splash proof covers and wall mounts are also available.

Star TSP700II Food Label Printer
Star SM-L200 and SM-L300 Mobile Food Label Printers

Affordable Mobile Label Printers

For small businesses, Star’s SM-L200 and SM-L300 provide 2″ and 3″ affordable and versatile food labelling solutions using either traditional or liner-free thermal labels (SM-L300). Cost effective to run, they require no toner or ink just easy to change thermal label rolls.  With Bluetooth connectivity for iOS or Android tablets and mobile devices, they also feature a long battery life, micro USB or in-vehicle charging for food trucks and an optional desktop charging cradle.

Versatile Linerless Label Printers

Star’s TSP654IISK is a cost effective, eco friendly direct thermal liner-free label printer designed for printing repositionable food and allergy labels for food orders and bag seals. The TSP654II prints on MAXStick linerless media on 40mm, 58mm or 80mm label widths, significantly reducing paper wastage and media costs. The TSP654IISK also offers an anti-jam paper cutter and paper taken sensor which only prints the next label once the previous one has been taken. The TSP654IISK is available with a range of interfaces  including Serial, USB and Ethernet with a Bluetooth model for tablet connectivity also available.  The TSP654IISK also features Star WebPRNT and Star CloudPRNT technology for printing data directly from a central database.

Star TSP654II Linerless Food Label Printer

Star CloudPRNT
Star’s unique technologies such as CloudPRNT enable connected Star printers to print directly from a central database without needing an additional in-store system or tablet.

Software Integration
For software companies, Star’s comprehensive SDKs and utilities are designed to enable simple integration of Star products with minimal cost and development time.
Star Support
Star’s experience with multi-OS software developers and hardware partners in the hospitality industry means our customer success team can offer valuable advice and support both generally and on Star’s range of products.  For hardware support and advice about where to source specific media, please contact us

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