Star Micronics launches New Range of High-Performance Barcode Scanners 

International POS hardware solutions provider Star Micronics announces the launch of its new high-performance 1D and 2D barcode scanners designed for retail and hospitality, healthcare as well as other industry sectors. The scanners integrate seamlessly with Star’s range of POS and label printers, demonstrating the manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to providing businesses with a complete integrated solution.

Ideal for a range of applications, the scanners are easy to set up and offer simple configuration via the StarSCAN Windows-based utility.  As a result, users can tailor scanning preferences and configure scanners to specific requirements, while the provided SDKs allow for seamless integration with Star products for POS applications. With the ability to plug directly into any POS system or Star printer via USB or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, the scanners boast versatility as well as durability.

The new barcode scanner range includes:

  • BSD-40U – A high-performance 1D and 2D desktop scanner, the BSD-40U USB scanner combines superior motion tolerance (2.5m/s) with a large field of view, making it ideal for fast-paced retail and hospitality settings.  Alongside 4 scan modes and the ability to capture high-density, high-volume and distorted codes on paper and digital displays, its robust build ensures resilience in demanding environments thanks to its IP52-rated and 1.2m drop-resistant design.
  • BSH-20B and 20U – the BSH-20B Bluetooth and 20U USB handheld scanners with a scanner stand offer an economical solution for businesses seeking accuracy and high performance.  Featuring up to 6 scan modes and equipped with a powerful CPU, these scanners provide all the features of 2D scanning at the cost of a 1D scanner. The IP42-rated and 1.2m drop-resistant design simply reinforce the durability of the scanners.
  • BSH-32B and 32U – Wireless Bluetooth and USB handheld scanners designed for versatile use in retail, hospitality and event spaces. Both scanners read and parse 1D and 2D barcodes from various surfaces with ease, while featuring an IP42-rated and drop-resistant design up to 1.2m and 1.5m respectively.  The BSH-32U smart stand allows for simple switching from trigger press to hands free mode and such versatility renders the scanner ideal for environments requiring quick and accurate barcode parsing capabilities.  The BSH-32B Bluetooth model includes a high-resolution image sensor and is supplied with a charging cradle which allows for 12-hour continuous battery use (based on 1 scan every 6 seconds for 12 hours) to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Simon Martin, Director & General Manager, Star Micronics EMEA, states: “Star’s commitment to providing businesses with a complete integrated solution is successfully demonstrated by the launch of its new range of desktop or handheld USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners.  Integrating seamlessly with Star POS and label printers, the scanners offer businesses both versatile and durable scanning solutions designed for use across a variety of industry sectors.”

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