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Receipt Printers and Cash Drawers for Shopify POS

A global manufacturer of POS hardware,Star Micronics provides approved receipt printers and cash drawers to integrate with your Shopify POS software to create a complete Point of Sale solution.  Star Micronics has been supporting retailers for over 30 years to deliver efficient, reliable store solutions and offers one of the largest range of retail receipt printing solutions on the market.  Please get in touch for any assistance you need with your Star POS hardware. 

Star TSP100III Series

Star’s best selling receipt printer worldwide, the TSP100, is the first software-driven thermal POS receipt printer to provide an immediate plug & play application. It’s futurePRNT technology allows retailers to tailor and continuously modify all aspects of receipting output to meet their individual needs. Combining Star quality and reliability at an affordable price, the TSP100 offers paper and energy saving features plus a 4 year warranty as standard*.  The TSP100 is incredibly simple to set up and comes with everything you need included in the box, the perfect receipt printer to complement your Shopify software.

Shopify Bluetooth Receipt Printer –  Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth wireless receipt printer (TSP143IIIBI Grey 39472190, TSP143IIIBI White 39472290) : Bluetooth receipt printer for iOS, Android, Windows

Shopify Ethernet Receipt Printer  –  Star Micronics TSP143III LAN receipt printer (TSP143IIILAN Grey 39464990 , TSP143IIILAN White 39472090) : Ethernet receipt printer with standard LAN Interface

Shopify WiFi Receipt Printer –  Star Micronics TSP143III WLAN receipt printer (TSP143IIIW Grey 39464790, TSP143IIIW White 39464890) : Receipt printer with built-in Wireless LAN interface

*4 year warranty in UK, Mainland Europe and South Africa


Star TSP650II Series

A fast 300mm/second thermal POS receipt printer, the TSP650II offers versatility at all levels with a range of connection options for traditional EPOS as well as newer mPOS, tablet and web based systems.  The TSP650II combines high print quality and simple set up with Star’s renowned reliability  – all at great value.

Shopify Bluetooth Receipt Printer – Star Micronics TSP654II Bluetooth wireless receipt printer (TSP654IIBI Grey 39481410, TSP654IIBI White 39481400)

Star mPOP

Outstanding connectivity and design plus intuitive functionality and simple integration are delivered ready to work with Shopify POS software. The Star mPOP™ is a unique combined receipt printer and cash drawer, simple and elegant, yet loaded with intuitive design features. At just 10cm high and 30cm wide, the mPOP™ is easily transportable and offers a contemporary alternative to a traditional cash register or EPOS system for stores and pop-up settingsThe mPOP can be easily secured on any counter top or or can be fixed under the counter. With Bluetooth connectivity, the mPOP will connect with Apple or Android tablets or mobile devices with Shopify software and only one mains cable is needed for operation.iPads and iPhones can also be charged via the additional USB ports. The multiple functions. portability and connectivity of the mPOP™ make processing customer transactions smooth and effortless.

Shopify Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer – Star Micronics mPOP Combined Bluetooth Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer (mPOP Black 39650291, mPOP White 39650091)



Star CB2002

Star’s series of cash drawers have been specifically designed to connect to Star and other industry standard POS printers.  The CB2002 cash drawer features flat or upright note holders and 8 coin slots and 3 position lock.

Shopify Cash Drawer – Star Micronics CB2002 16” cash drawer (CB2002 Black 55555562, CB2002 White 55555563)


Please check with Shopify in your region which Star products are integrated before purchasing

Talk to a member of the Shopify team to find out where
you can purchase your Star Micronics printer from.