The Evolution of Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops have been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years, with the pop-up retail sector worth over £2.3 billion a year, according to  EE‘s Britain’s Pop-Up Retail Economy report. It’s not surprising that this unique retail format has become popular.  Pop-up shops have become  a successful way of selling goods, getting your brand’s name into the public eye or even creating an experience for customers to enjoy, such as the Ferrero Rocher Tasting experience, in Westfield’s, London.

Generate Excitement around Your Brand

A pop-up shop is the perfect way of finding out if a brick and mortar space could work for your brand; a short lease time means owners can test the waters without fully committing. This also means that a pop-up shop is ideal for seasonal sellers – such as those selling Christmas goods.  Pop- up stores are a great way to build brand awareness, often situated in heavy footfall areas such as densely populated shopping precincts, department stores and event venues. What better way to spread the word than with a physical store that generates excitement and interest?  Especially as most pop-up stores are not only selling goods but can also offer a unique interactive customer experience, like Klarna’s experiential retail experience “House of Klarna”, where the retail services company will host a number of online-only brands in a three storey house in Manchester. Featuring a DJ, beauty treatments, food and more, customers will be able to try on and shop brands they have never been able to get in store before, such as ASOS.

According to Storefront, 90% of worldwide retail sales still take place in physical stores.  One of the main reasons for this is that customers are able to see products in person, rather than trusting an image on the internet. The limited time frame that comes with pop-up shops means that a sense of urgency is created. Customers have less time to debate whether or not to make a purchase as it is highly likely that the shop will not be there the very next day. Whereas online, customers are able to bookmark a page and come back to it should they decide to make a purchase.

How Star Can Help

Typically pop-up shops have small and limited retail space. With this in mind, business owners will need a POS system that is compact and can be packed away neatly. Measuring just 10cm high and 30cm wide, Star’s mPOP combined receipt printer and cash drawer is the perfect solution. It’s portable and lightweight, meaning that at the end of trading – be it a day or 1 month – it can be quickly, easily and safely packed away.  Adding to this, the under counter bracket means the mPOP can fit into the smallest of spaces – such as pop-up trucks, which are also increasing in popularity.

Additionally, its affordability and ability to connect via Bluetooth to iOS, Windows and Android tablets and smartphones, as well operate with a wide range of Tablet POS and Payment software also means that it’s perfect for temporary pop-up shops.  Clever cable management also means that no matter how small the space may be, the mPOP will always look neat and tidy, with no messy wires on display.  Additional USB ports mean that a scanner and customer display can easily be added if required.

Compact and Connected

The Star mC-Print receipt printer is another great solution for pop-up stores. It is similar in design to the mPOP, meaning that it will not look out of place in an upscale boutique, or a modern coffee shop.  Thanks to its compact nature and front paper loading, the mC-Print can also be stored under a counter, creating more space in a limited environment. Featuring 5 interfaces, Ethernet, USB, and Lightning USB with direct connection to Apple devices, Bluetooth and Star CloudPRNT, the mC-Print can connect to whichever device the user wishes. For shops with high footfall, a fast reliable and efficient POS system is a must. The mC-Print features a 250mm per second print speed – so customers will not be kept waiting. The IPX2 splash proof design is also ideal for food and drink pop-ups.

The mC-Print includes free access to Star Cloud Services including built-in reporting tools, digital receipts and a handy customer satisfaction survey. This is a great way to find out your success rate – a crucial factor in deciding if a brick and mortar store is something that the brand could consider in the future.

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