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Why the mPOP is perfect for your salon

Salons are often a busy environment with clients that are waiting to pay, book appointments or be checked in. This is especially true if your salon offers more than one area of service, e.g. offering hair as well as beauty. This is why it is so important to have a point of sale system that won’t let you down, and will keep the salon running to its full potential. The Star mPOP is a combined cash drawer and receipt printer, making it a modern day alternative to a separate cash register and EPOS system. This system makes the customer checkout process smooth and timely, which is crucial in a busy salon environment; customers don’t like to be kept waiting when being checked in, booking appointments or paying for a service.

In the beauty industry, appearance and the way your salon is presented to clients matters. Measuring 10cm by 30cm the mPOP’s compact, sleek and stylish design means that it fits in a sophisticated salon environment perfectly, thanks to its under desk option and cable routing, messy cables can be tucked away neatly out of sight, keeping your till area neat, tidy and presentable for clients. The mPOP comes in two elegant colourways, black and white, with a glossy finish, and is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Linux and Windows devices, as well as having Bluetooth connectivity.

Problems Salons Face

Having a user friendly system in which bookings can be made, rescheduled and cancelled, client information is held, automatic reminders are sent out, and there is a clear timetable to avoid double booking is key for any busy salon. Star works with a software partners whose programmes are made especially for salons.

Failing to  rebook clients is one mistake salons can often make, and it’s easy to see why, often salon receptions are very busy, constantly checking in and out clients, taking payments, answering the phone and helping clients with queries. It can be easy to take a payment and forget to ask if the client would like to book in again. It’s important that once a client has received a service and is at the till to pay, that they have been given the option to rebook. A speedy system such as the Star mPOP will make this all the more simple for both the client and the receptionist with  a seamless transaction taking cash or card and , and will ensure that client doesn’t leave the salon without making another appointment.

Enhance your Branding

Make your receipts stand out by personalising them with messages, promotions and graphics. The Star mPOP features the option to add personalised text to your receipt, this gives salons the opportunity to add discounts and vouchers to their receipts, and alternatively it gives salons the opportunity to create a friendly lasting impression, such as “Thank you, we hope you enjoyed your visit today”. This is also a good way of letting customers know about different services the salon offers, such as online booking. Adding images, such as the company logo is a way of creating strong branding for your salon, and also makes receipts look more polished and professional.

The mPOP also comes with Star’s free Digital Receipt Service, this is ideal for customers who don’t like to have a psychical receipt, the Star All Receipts app mans that customers can just scan the QR code on the bottom of their receipt, and it is stored in the app. This means the customer does not have to give their details over and does not have to worry about their details being used for email marketing. Receipts can be filed by date, which is useful if the client wanted to see what treatment they had and when. Additionally, on the reverse side of the receipt, the salon can add terms and conditions, offers or promotions.

mPOP Accessories

The mPOP comes with many accessories that can enhance the way your salon uses the Star mPOP, the Vesa mounting bracket and under counter bracket are space saving additions that mean you can place the mPOP underneath a counter even if there is no table to set it on. The 2D scanner is perfect for salons selling beauty products, the barcode scanner can read almost all barcodes and is available in a hand held or hands free mode. Additionally the iOS cable can charge the iPad and can be plugged into the mPOP, so that your tablet will stay changed throughout the day.

The Star mPOP combined with the right software for your salon can help your businesses day to day running smoother and more effortless, helping to solve the problems salons face on a daily basis and improving the overall point of sale experience for both the client and staff. For more information see