Capture customer data and benefit from low cost loyalty scheme with the Receipt Tracker Mobile Phone App

International POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics announces that the Star Cloud Services Digital Receipting Solution API has been successfully incorporated into the Receipt Tracker mobile phone app that allows the retailer to send receipts direct to the customer’s mobile phone.

The means by which a digital receipt can be collected are:

  • The customer presents their phone at the point-of-sale and scans the unique in-app barcode
  • The customer scans the QR code printed at the bottom of the paper Star Cloud Services receipt
  • The customer captures a photo using the mobile device and can then label the receipt so it is easy to find within their receipt journal.

Regardless of which method the customer uses to claim their receipt the data is stored against their Receipt Tracker account. For integrations directly with POS all of the information is stored in a rich digital format allowing the receipt to be displayed more attractively and with additional interactive elements.  The receipts are live and can be used to return / exchange goods with the receipt being amended accordingly. For receipts scanned using the Star Cloud Services generated QR code or via uploading an image, the images are simply shown to the user.

Furthermore, Receipt Tracker allows the customer to link any loyalty cards they may have to the app. If the customer’s loyalty card is scanned in store, the receipt is automatically sent to their account.

Retailers benefit from customer data as an email address, date of birth and gender are provided when the app is first downloaded. This eliminates the need for retailers to collect an email address at the point of sale, saving time for the retailer and allowing the customer to remain anonymous whilst removing any inaccuracies that may occur when taken manually.  Each time a receipt is sent the data is shared with the retailer and on each digital receipt there is an option for the customer to rate their in-store shopping experience which is then also shared with the relevant retailer.

As there is a special offers section within the Receipt Tracker App, retailers are able to post offers to existing or new customers. And, with the data collected on each customer, offers can be targeted by age, gender and the location where the app is used the most. These offers can be shared on social media if the retailer provides permission.

Adam Mulvey, Managing Director of Receipt Tracker, says: “We are delighted to have been able to complete the integration with Star Micronics.  Being able to offer a solution that doesn’t contribute to queues of manually collecting email addresses has been received by retailers with great enthusiasm. This will be a very beneficial partnership for both parties and most importantly, our customers.”

The service is compatible with a range of Star printers including the renowned TSP100 series incorporating Star’s latest unique TSP143IIIU USB printer – the only receipt printer solution today to communicate and charge simultaneously and directly with an iPad or iPhone, removing the insecurity of wireless connection to provide a solution that seamlessly combines the flexibility and cost savings of tablet POS with the reliability of traditional POS.

Furthermore, the Star Cloud Digital Receipting Solution offers a free-of-charge device management tool for retailers providing real-time status across the installed base of Star printers. Refreshed error status notification on a comprehensive cloud-based dashboard provides retailers the advantage of immediately identifying issues with a printer such as an open cover or cash drawer, or if the printer is out of paper or unplugged.

As Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA, says: “We are delighted that Receipt Tracker’s native application incorporates the Star Cloud Services Digital Receipting Solution API. Retailers can now benefit from a digital receipting solution that is either integrated into the POS software, or with the Star printer running independently, to provide a quick and easy means of sending a digital receipt and capturing valuable customer data.”

With Receipt Flip, a key feature of the Star Cloud Digital Receipting Solution, retailers can take full advantage of the entire receipt space by customising the reverse of the receipt. This provides yet another means to engage with customers allowing terms and conditions, store policies, watermark, promotions, marketing material, and more to be displayed.

About Receipt Tracker

Receipt Tracker was established as a mobile phone app that would remove the need for retailers to ask for email addresses at the point of sale. The feedback received from retailers was that collecting email addresses wasn’t practical, it caused additional queues and there is an element of human error involved. By using Receipt Tracker the queues are eliminated and receipts are guaranteed to be delivered.

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