Complete POS solution for hospitality from POSUP and Star

Complete POS solution for hospitality from POSUP and Star


In response to the huge technological shift in recent years when it comes to dine-in, delivery and takeaway, venues are under pressure to meet ever greater demand for convenience, choice and flexible ordering in an increasingly digital landscape.  By investing in innovative POS technology and software tools, a business can take advantage of unique and flexible solutions that allow it to thrive in what has, without a doubt, become a progressively challenging operating environment.

International POS solutions provider Star Micronics has developed an established partnership with POSUP, a leading technology solutions provider focused on helping hospitality businesses optimise their operations, increase sales and reduce costs through the implementation and management of a range of technological tools.

Given its expertise and commitment to innovation, POSUP has become a trusted partner for hospitality businesses seeking to thrive in a digital landscape.  Its comprehensive suite of solutions includes POS systems, staff management tools, CRM software, ordering apps, loyalty programs and promotional apps.  By seamlessly integrating innovative technology into existing processes, businesses can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences and drive revenue growth. 

Partnering with Star, POSUP provides a complete solution that goes above and beyond what many providers offer, enabling businesses to benefit from a single company offering an extensive range of tools and POS hardware to promote and sustain future growth. 

Peter Roberts, Director at POSUP, discusses how the company has evolved and the exceptional level of expertise and support it offers hospitality venues.  

How does POSUP differentiate itself as a technology solutions provider?

At POSUP we believe in providing comprehensive solutions.  Taking an holistic approach we plan, implement, support and manage every aspect of a business to ensure success, understanding a business’ unique needs whilst tailoring solutions to meet individual goals.  We don’t just supply and install; we take full responsibility for managing everything, ensuring a business operates seamlessly and efficiently, both now and in the future.

How does your partnership with Star enable POSUP to provide a complete solution?

Star’s POS hardware perfectly complements our technology solutions and has proved to be reliable and straightforward to integrate.  Moreover, we know we can always rely on Star’s excellent level of technical expertise and support when required.  The range of POS hardware solutions available to venues covers everything from Star’s renowned TSP100 series with its built-in futurePRNT™ technology to tablet stands, including POSUP’s wooden sustainable stands as well as Star’s mUnite range.  

Can you provide an example of a hospitality business you work with?

POSUP has been instrumental in the growth and success of the Dabangg Hospitality Group, playing a pivotal role in creating brand identities, web design and a data-driven digital marketing approach.  As a result, the Group has grown from a single brand with two locations to a thriving enterprise with six distinct brands and 20 locations across the UK.

How has POSUP’s involvement driven the Group’s brand awareness and growth?

By working with the Group to understand its vision, target audience and market positioning, POSUP has extended its role to encompass the development of unique brand identities for each of Dabangg Hospitality’s six brands, differentiating the business in a competitive market and establishing a strong brand presence.  POSUP has also played a crucial role in designing and developing websites for Dabangg Hospitality’s multiple brands, creating intuitive and responsive websites that showcase each brand’s unique offerings, menu selections and location information.

How has POSUP helped with the Group’s digital marketing strategy?

By leveraging the wealth of customer data collected via the POS system and CRM software, POSUP has created targeted and automated promotional campaigns tailored to specific customer segments via analysis of customer preferences, behaviour and dining habits.  As a result, personalised promotions, loyalty programs and special offers have been created.  These data-driven promotions have not only increased customer engagement but also driven repeat business and attracted new customers, contributing to Dabangg Hospitality’s growth and success.

Hamza Sayed, Operations Manager at Dabangg Hospitality Group, confirms the role POSUP has played in the Group’s expansion:

“To put it simply, without POSUP implementing and managing our brand, systems and technical support we wouldn’t have been able to grow at the rate we have.  We trust that our restaurants can operate with little to no input from ourselves, so we are able to focus on operating and growing our expanding restaurant Group.  Thanks to its comprehensive suite of technology solutions, creative branding and web design as well as data-driven digital marketing approach, POSUP has been an invaluable partner in positioning Dabangg Hospitality as a trusted and recognisable brand.”

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