Star Micronics and The Good Till Company can enhance your hospitality business

Find out how Tablet POS from Star Micronics and The Good Till Company can enhance your hospitality business

The hospitality landscape is rapidly evolving and businesses across the sector are increasingly faced with an ever widening range of options when it comes to POS technology. With innovation driving the growing shift towards tablet-based solutions, hospitality businesses cannot afford to ignore the distinct advantages of tablet POS over traditional POS.

A tablet POS solution is not only more compact and aesthetically pleasing, it is also commonly 25% of the cost of a traditional terminal. In addition, Cloud connected software tends to be more flexible, lower cost and progressively scalable according to market developments and individual business needs. In summary, with tablet POS it is now easier for the restaurateur, bar, café or club owner to run a business, upgrade hardware as required and view reports anytime, anywhere.

Star is widely acknowledged as the leading hardware innovator in tablet POS and offers a range of flexible solutions that can easily be upgraded as your POS system evolves. From complex hospitality systems to a simple pop-up setup, Star has the expertise and wealth of experience to provide a tailored cost-effective solution. Leading the field in tablet POS with the very latest Cloud Bluetooth and wireless countertop and mobile printing solutions Star’s customers in hospitality range from small independent operators to major fast food chains including McDonald’s.

It is precisely this level of expertise that has led The Good Till Company to select Star as the receipt printer manufacturer of choice. With its intuitive and affordable iPad POS System, The Good Till Company is helping independent restaurants, bars and coffee shops across the UK to get closer to their customers and provide the power to manage and successfully grow their business. Combining tablets with cutting-edge software, Cloud technology and modern innovative hardware from Star, the POS system offers functionality and style. With sales completed in as few steps as possible, The Good Till is a fast and user-friendly POS solution for both staff and customers.

Beyond simply taking payments, built-in modules and reporting functions enable your business to access data on everything from stock management to sales and profit margins, providing the business insights that help your entire business run smoothly and give it the competitive edge to grow. Easy to set up and run on a daily basis, the system is simple to customise to your business and includes business support features that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. In particular, all of the real-time reporting features incorporated into this system can be accessed on site (including multi-sites) or remotely.

“The Good Till POS for hospitality is completely painless to set up and intuitive to use, making staff training a piece of cake! With packages that can be customised for restaurants, pubs, delis, coffee shops, fast food outlets and even outdoor food trucks, you’ll be getting one of the most comprehensive tools you can imagine for your hospitality business. And, wherever you are, you stay up to speed with everything you need to know to run your hospitality operation successfully and efficiently,” comments Oliver Rowbory, Director at The Good Till Company.
The Good Till Company has attracted customers not only across the UK but also internationally with venues including The EDEN Club Ibiza and The Panama Club Amsterdam deploying its iPad POS solution with Star hardware.

Major protagonist of the electronic scene renowned in all the corners of the globe, EDEN belongs to the exclusive circuit of the greatest clubs in Ibiza. Founded in 1999 in the heart of San Antonio Bay, the club was completely refurbished in 2013 and boasts a main room, a second room called NeXt with independent access and a powerful and exclusive sound system to Ibiza: Incubus Gold by Void, a state-of-the-art piece of sound engineering. With capacity for two DJ booths, several bars, main dance floor, different levels and two VIP areas with private parking this professional and modern club successfully meets the high expectations of clubbers in Ibiza.

Situated around various bars in the club, EDEN uses the Good Till iPad POS system with a number of Star TSP143IIIBI printers, providing effective Bluetooth connectivity in a busy club environment. The TSP143IIIBI provides an AutoConnect function for iOS after power on or an out-of-range situation thus ensuring functionality at all times. Featuring a print speed of 250mm/second, a guillotine auto cutter (MCBF 2 million cuts) as well as thin paper capability, the printer can reduce operating costs for the user. The cost-effective solution includes the convenience of an internal power supply along with a vertical mount kit in the box.

As Niall Dempsey, EDEN, comments: “We required an intuitive iPad POS system with hardware that could not only withstand high use in a demanding environment but also one that could provide detailed reporting and analytics so we approached The Good Till Company. The system has exceeded our expectations and allows us to provide an excellent service to our customers. ”

Located in the iconic warehouse that is a former electricity power station on the northeast edge of central Amsterdam, the Panama Club celebrated its 15th anniversary in September 2017. As one of Amsterdam’s longest running clubs, it currently holds the 78th position in the DJ Mag top 100 clubs of the world and is also one of Amsterdam’s most popular venues for fashion shows, conferences, presentations, meetings, weddings and reception events.
Working alongside The Good Till Company’s software, the Panama Club benefits from the Star TSP143IIIU which is the latest addition to the renowned TSP100 futurePRNT™ series. It is the only USB receipt printer today to communicate and charge simultaneously and directly via the Apple supplied lightning cable with an iPad, iPod or iPhone for reliable USB communication, seamlessly combining the flexibility and cost savings of tablet POS with the reliability of traditional POS.

As Niall Dempsey, The Panama Club Amsterdam, adds: “Given the challenges we faced in setting up a POS system in such a large venue and the need for reliable communication we have found the Star TSP143IIIU to be the perfect solution. Combined with the intuitive software from The Good Till Company we are able to operate efficiently and in the knowledge that connectivity will be maintained at all times.”

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