Four Reasons Why Your Garden Centre Needs an mC-Print…

If you’re searching for the ideal POS printer that does it all for your garden centre, look no further than Star’s mC-Print.

It’s sleek and robust

The mC-Print is not only aesthetically pleasing with its sleek and contemporary appearance; it is also designed to withstand the ever evolving landscape of retail technology. The IPX2 Splash Proof design that the m-CPrint3 offers means that it is robust, durable and capable of handling the physical challenges a garden centre environment may present.

It’s versatile

It’s uncommon these days for garden related products to be the only source of revenue for garden centres. This has been in part emboldened thanks to retailers such as M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, who now alongside offering groceries also sell garden ware and plants. Many garden centre owners have looked to diversify, offering gifts, clothing, gardening tools and furniture alongside a café and restaurant and even leisure facilities in order to attract customers outside of the traditional gardening season.

Due to the diverse nature of garden centres, from the café to the gift shop to purchasing plants, the POS hardware chosen needs to be flexible and mobile – able to serve customers around the centre seamlessly and efficiently. This is where the mC-print excels. Thanks to its compact design the unit takes up little counter space whether printing receipts at the point of payment, self-checkout, or printing kitchen orders in the café. Add to that the fact it can be simply connected to multiple systems including handheld devices such as an iPad and you have a versatile printing solution for each area of the garden centre.

It’s easy to work with

When moving over to different POS hardware it is crucial it is quick and easy to install and operate. This means that there will be less training required for staff and less chance of downtime during transactions. The easy to use LED display, alerting the user to any errors or when the paper needs refilling, alongside top and front paper loading featured in the mC-Print series makes for a simple checkout process. This is important as customers appreciate a timely transaction and will likely return if the experience has been pleasant and smooth.

It has many capabilities

Garden centres rely heavily on customer loyalty. Two of the largest garden centre chains in the UK; Dobbies and Wyevale garden centres both run loyalty schemes offering product discounts, vouchers and even free hot drinks. With this in mind being able to print on-the-spot vouchers and coupons with high quality graphics for your loyal customers is key, and the mC-Print’s graphic printing capabilities are perfect for this job.
With the increasing popularity of online shopping, garden centres need to keep up with the demand for ordering on the web and collecting in store. Thanks to its cloud connectivity, the mC-Print is perfect for printing click and collect orders, making it the ideal solution for this purpose.

So why not see what the mC-Print series could do for your business and create a smooth and hassle free transaction process for your garden centre. Get in touch with your local Star reseller to find out more today.

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