Why Your Business Needs a Star TSP100 POS Printer

The TSP100 futurePRNT series is many customer’s first choice for a POS Printing Solution, having been adopted by a number of major retailers and hospitality operators, from large established chains to small and medium enterprises.

It’s the wide range of features that make the TSP100 so popular, including free-of-charge futurePRNT software which is available across the entire series. Offering a variety of software tools, users can install high volume customer setups without even taking the printer out of the box.  Large-scale installations are made simple and efficient, thanks to the fact that all settings are stored on the PC, removing the need to pre-configure the printer itself while providing time and maintenance savings.


The futurePRNT tools also give the user the ability to re-design receipts to their liking and add company logos, seasonal information and instant coupons. Environmentally friendly features are built into the printer, with both horizontal and vertical text reduction, as well as a print on demand function allowing users to effectively benefit from paper saving – meaning no more wasted slips of paper which customers will immediately discard.

Always Moving Forwards

The series continues to expand and evolve with the introduction of Bluetooth, LAN and wireless LAN models that accompany the USB versions, TSP143IIU ECO featuring an additional unique paper-saving 3mm top margin facility, and the latest game changer the TSP143IIIU.

As well as working with a traditional POS terminal as a standard USB printer for Windows, Android, Linux and MAC, the TSP143IIIU printer has the unique feature to simultaneously communicate with and charge an iPad directly via the Apple-supplied Lightning cable for reliable USB communication. No other stand-alone POS printer can achieve this today.

Effortless Transactions

To make the transaction process smoother, the iPad can talk directly to the printer, just like a USB printer talks to a traditional terminal. This useful feature means retailers have the reliability required in high volume transactions or environments where wireless communication is difficult.

This unique printer allows multi-site operators to make blanket decisions across their estates by successfully combining the flexibility of tablet POS with the reliability of cabled POS terminals. Furthermore, the TSP143IIIU offers a more cost-effective alternative to a Bluetooth or WiFi printer.

Benefiting from a 4 year warranty, including print head and cutter, just adds to how the TSP100 series is adaptable for new markets whilst also being a product that stands the test of time and instils confidence in businesses that use it.

Why not get in touch with your local Star distributor or reseller today and see how the TSP100 series could help you and your business.

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