How Can the NEW mUnite Tablet Stands Enhance Your Business?

Looking for a POS enhancement that improves POS appearance, streamlines customer experience, and increases your POS’s usability? A Star mUnite stand may be the right choice for you. With a variety of styles are available for a wide range  of applications, industries, and POS setups, plus security features; take a look below to discover the many advantages Star mUnite stands can offer for your business.

Hospitality and Visitor Management

Get the most out of your printing environment with Stars mUnite tablet stands, durable, sleek and easily tilted for customer interactions, they are ideal for use as customer self-service in environments such as doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, offices, visitor attractions, salons, hotels, and more, allowing customers to check themselves in.

Streamlining your operations and providing a positive customer experience are achieved while reducing long queues and waiting times, in turn relieving admin staff of the need to constantly check in customers. Additionally self-service can offer added discretion for customers, in the cases of medical and other clinical settings. For self-service or customer engagement applications, Star Micronics offers two sturdy yet portable kiosk stands with the mUnite EZ Desk Kiosk and Floor Kiosk.


The EZPOS and EZ3 and EZ100 stands are the perfect pairing for Star’s receipt printer range and cash drawers to create a sleek, modern point of sale station. The mEnclosure tablet mounts are incredibly modern and space-saving, and are perfect for retail applications, as tablets can be conveniently accessed while kept out of the way and well-protected. Stable and stylish, the upscale mUnite stands house and protect a variety of Star printers, as well as routing power supplies under the counter to free up counter space while hiding cables, ideal for a busy retail environment where maximising space is key.

Slim and discreet, the EZPOS, EZ100 and EZ3 stands are an excellent choice for this type of application, coming in two elegant colours, to match any business environment. For security, keys are included with all mUnite stands make locking and removing the tablet easy, simply unlock and store safely away– no need for screwdrivers!

Restaurant & Café

The Star mUnite tablet stands can help your business bust queues, improving customer satisfaction simply by offering another way of ordering, self service via tablet. By using the mUnite Tri Mount, Wall Mount or Kiosk Tablet displays, you’ll be able to streamline online ordering operations so customers can place orders simultaneously. Paired with mC-print2 or 3 featuring SteadyLAN and CloudPRNT, its easier than ever to send orders from customer facing tablets straight to the kitchen.

 Furthermore, self-service tablets allow customers to place accurate orders, thus reducing the risk of an incorrect order, as well as allowing food businesses to take advantage of upselling, with since self-service encouraged to spend more.

The mUnite Tablet stands are available in a crisp white or a smooth black, paired with the CD4 cash drawer and the mC-Print or TSP100IV series, provide a sleek, professional look that blends in seamlessly with your business’ décor.

Get in touch with Star today to see how the mUnite stands can elevate your businesses point of sale system!

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