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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to review not only how they operate, but also how to pivot in such a way that the business can thrive in a challenging and unpredictable environment.  With social distancing and venues seeking ways to enhance customer service, a plethora of food and beverage ordering apps have been launched onto the market, resulting in customers having to download an array of apps when visiting different venues. 

According to Australian company Mr Yum, it has developed the world’s most powerful QR code mobile ordering platform and has recently entered the UK market with its innovative offering for table, delivery and pickup ordering for hospitality and entertainment venues.  Mr Yum is a unique and completely web-based solution, which means there is no app for customers to download.  The customer simply scans a QR code to view the menu, orders food and beverages and pays via their smartphone.

Mr Yum CEO and co-founder Kim Teo says product innovation is at the heart of the company with Mr Yum introducing industry-leading features such as the ability to set up table tabs, and grouped order printing, that set it apart from other providers and help to create a superior dining experience.

“With Mr Yum there’s no more waiting for someone to take your order or bring the bill at the end. This allows staff to focus on the stuff that really matters, providing a great experience for guests every time,” she says.

The sleek web platform has the potential to increase average order size by 20-40% thanks to clever up-selling and cross-sells along with the opportunity to grow sales and customer loyalty with promo codes.  Seamlessly integrating with a venue’s point-of-sale system, Mr Yum is suitable for a range of ordering applications including in-venue table ordering, in-seat venue ordering, pickup at counter ordering, room service ordering, delivery ordering and pickup to-go ordering.

Mr Yum’s flexible and versatile solution frees up staff from the admin side of service to focus on creating meaningful interactions with customers. With instant updates to the menu and powerful reporting tools, businesses can easily keep on top of day-to-day operations as well as benefit from support for operational decision making.  With a focus on providing peerless support for its clients, Mr Yum experienced astronomical 27-fold growth in 2020 and now has more than 10 million global users of its platform.

Mr Yum is compatible with Star’s TSP654II HI X thermal printer and SP700 HI X matrix kitchen printer.  Featuring a 300mm/second print speed alongside high quality 203 dpi print output, the TSP654II HI X with Star CloudPRNT™ technology offers a high performance compact solution that can be used in either vertical or horizontal mode.  With a built-in interface for Cloud functionality, the printer provides the ideal solution for businesses keen to integrate a flexible ordering system.  Also included are free of charge marketing tools to enable businesses to increase brand awareness by adding logos and graphics for promotional coupons quickly and simply.

Star CloudPRNT technology allows users to seamlessly incorporate online purchasing into their offering, while eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send an online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service is able to communicate directly with the printer to create print jobs as well as receive the status of the printer.

With its Clamshell™ design for easy paper loading, the SP700 HI X also offers compact vertical or horizontal printing.  Benefitting  from a splash resistant and easy-clean design along with options such as two colour printing ideal for highlighting food allergies or custom orders, wall mount bracket and integrated buzzer alarm option, the SP700 HI X is ideally suited as a robust hospitality printer in bar or kitchen environments.  And, with CloudPRNT technology provides the perfect solution for online and mobile order printing.

Teo says forming partnerships with key stakeholders such as Star was an early focus for the team before launching in the UK.  These strategic partnerships are vital to Mr Yum’s global growth plans. “Working closely with the team at Star has been key to our success in launching Mr Yum in the UK and we look forward to a partnership that delivers real results to our hospitality and entertainment clients,” Teo concludes.

Leading a digital evolution for the hospitality and entertainment industry, Mr Yum has proven to be one of world’s best solutions for 1100+ venues (increasing number of venues by 950% in the last 12 months. Mr Yum’s mobile menus and contactless ordering removes the “admin” side of service, freeing up hospitality staff for more quality interaction with guests. By scanning a Mr Yum QR code, the web-based platform allows customers to order food and drinks, and pay via their smartphones. Staff get to focus on delivering great hospitality, creating meaningful experiences for guests, and venues see an average increase in order size by 20-40%. Read more at