Unique futurePRNT software is included on the TSP100IIU+ and TSP100III Series, allowing retailers to tailor and continuously modify all aspects of their receipt output to their individual needs. By providing an immediate plug-and-play application, futurePRNT sets a new standard for POS printing technology.

The key to futurePRNT’s success is the combination of a unique software-driven, high-quality printer at an entry level price with groundbreaking retail and setup software included. This software far exceeds the installation tools normally provided with POS printers, enabling users to install high-volume, custom setups without even taking the printer out of its box.

Worry-free, charged tablet at all times and reliable network connection to iPad POS.

Streamlined POS with all activity tethered to the printer.

Redesign your receipts

futurePRNT offers a simple way to add and change logos, coupons and receipt fonts which means merchants have much better control over what their receipts look like and can easily add seasonal messages and coupons to incentivise repeat purchases. Designs can be previewed within the software before printing.easily change receipt re-design, and much more.

Simple set-up

The pre-installation set-up tool provided by FuturePRNT is especially beneficial for large multi-site projects. This tool enables configuration of printers with relevant settings from a centralized location, streamlining the installation process while reducing costs and saving time.

Paper saving power

FuturePRNT offers paper-saving settings which enable both horizontal and vertical text reduction, allowing customers to conserve paper by minimizing the space used by receipt text. This feature can be easily configured through the FuturePRNT software, requiring just a few clicks.


  • Unique futurePRNT software available on TSP100IIU+ and TSP100III models
  • Plug-and-play receipt design and logo tools
  • Coupon tool with text trigger
  • Simple set-up tools
  • Auto-text reversal
  • Backed by Star’s support team

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Functions Enables users to customize all aspects of receipt output
Hardware Configuration Available on TSP143 models
Software Configuration Works with currently installed POS software


Part Number Model Description
39464910 TSP143IIILAN GY US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, Ethernet (LAN), Gray, Ethernet Cable, Int PS
39472310 TSP143IIIU GRY US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, USB, Lightning, Gray, USB Cable, Int PS
39472410 TSP143IIIU WT US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, USB, Lightning, White, USB Cable, Int PS
39472010 TSP143IIILAN WT US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, Ethernet (LAN), White, Ethernet Cable, Int PS
39464710 TSP143IIIW GY US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, WLAN, Wireless Access Point, WPS, Gray, Int PS
39464810 TSP143IIIW WT US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, WLAN, Wireless Access Point, WPS, White, Int PS
39474710 TSP143IIIBi2 GY US  TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, Bluetooth iOS, Android and Windows, Gray, Int PS
39474810 TSP143IIIBi2 WT US

TSP100III, Thermal, Cutter, Bluetooth iOS, Android and Windows, White, Int PS