The new way to order and pay with Pour and Star

The new way to order and pay with Pour and Star

All too often customers face a long wait to order and pay for food and drinks in hospitality venues and this has simply been exacerbated during the current pandemic.  There has been an explosion of table service apps to tackle the problem which has resulted in customers having to download an array of apps from different venues.

Recognising this, Edinburgh-based Pour has developed a web-based platform that simplifies the increasingly fragmented online order and pay market for the UK’s independent bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants and customers.

The platform allows customers to view the menu, order and pay for table service or takeaway collection from any venue on the platform without having to download an app or create an account.  As a result, food and drinks for table service and takeaway at any registered venue can be ordered from the menu through one web app rather than an app specific to a venue, providing a smooth digital ordering experience.

Furthermore, Pour offers a range of features and functionality normally reserved for bespoke software builds to all venues on the platform.  Following a brief setup, businesses can be up and running quickly.  With no tiered pricing to access additional features, setup or ongoing maintenance costs as well as no minimum contract term, venues can benefit from a cost-effective solution.  Moreover, as Pour is fully web-based it works with all existing technology as long as it has a web browser.

In addition to being a standalone order and pay system, Pour provides the capability to drive new footfall and expand the customer base by sending customised offers and promotions to all app users, driving customer loyalty alongside increasing long-term profit.  And, to support operational decision making, venues benefit from flexible built-in reporting including monthly data insight reports.

As Ian Martin, Co-Founder, Pour explains: “We help level the playing field for venues of all sizes by providing access to a variety of tools at no additional cost, allowing operators to enhance the experience delivered to customers.  Having established a place for businesses to share latest menus, offers and events alongside a place for customers to find out where to go, gain access to exclusive deals directly from venues and order for both table service and takeaway collection, customers no longer have to download lots of unnecessary apps. .”

Businesses have complete control to upload and edit menus at any time and have the facility to accept tips, pause online service and set a minimum spend value.  In addition, an online menu can be shared and embedded outside of Pour on a venue’s social media channels, website and venue tables with customers in the latter case accessing the menu via a QR code.

Offline integration with a ticket printer means food orders go directly to the kitchen and drinks orders straight to the bar.  By eliminating the need for a tablet to check new orders, staff can provide greater levels of service front-of-house as well as carry out essential back-of-house tasks.  And, with orders being sent directly to the kitchen this allows for improved accuracy with regard to custom orders and allergy requirements.

Facilitated by Star CloudPRNT™ technology available on Star’s stylish mC-Print3™ printer, hospitality businesses can easily integrate a flexible ordering system to seamlessly incorporate online purchasing into their offering.  As well as communicating directly with the printer to create print jobs the system receives the status of the printer ensuring orders are reliably received.  Offering a compact design, front opening, simple paper loading and outstanding functionality, the mC-Print3 features multiple interfaces and benefits from IPX2 splash proof rating and buzzer support for kitchen and bar environments.

As Ian Martin, concludes: “Our mission is to help hospitality businesses enhance the service delivered to customers and that is why we have developed an order and pay app which improves the order experience for both customers and operators.  Balancing customer service and checking for new orders is challenging for all businesses, so by sending all orders directly to the kitchen and/or bar and simply using a tablet to change the menu, add a new product or run an end of day report, it no longer has to get in the way of delivering great customer service.”

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