Forge and Star provide a seamless visitor experience with Cloud-based solution

Forge and Star provide a seamless visitor experience with

Cloud-based solution

As employees gradually return to offices, the need for effective visitor management is heightened, especially in the current climate where limited customer interaction and safety is a priority.  Whilst traditional signing-in books do not provide real-time and accurate tracking of visitors; a cloud-based visitor management solution creates not only a great first impression but also allows businesses to have a better understanding of who is visiting and when they plan to visit.

With either a desktop or free-standing touchless self-check-in kiosk printing visitor passes or labels, this provides the ideal solution to ensure the safety of both staff and visitors by minimising contact points while enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Cloud-based visitor management solution – Forge Bluepoint

As a cloud-based visitor management solution, Forge Bluepoint offers access control integration and innovative features to make the visitor experience seamless.  By providing insight on visitor numbers with real-time updates on planned visitors and tracking of unplanned visitor numbers, peak flows and dwell time, smart decisions on resourcing and utilisation can be taken.

Moreover, the visitor experience is enhanced as notes on visitors can provide details on whether they are a VIP or flag any special requirements, allowing the reception team to be proactive and efficiently respond to their needs without having to ask the visitor in person.

Key features of Forge Bluepoint:

  • Visitors can check-in quickly using their email invite or scan in using their unique QR code. Reception will know they are arriving and can manage their visit by desk, kiosk or mobile with their details saved securely in the cloud.
  • Individual businesses or tenants within a building can add their brand identity to visitor email invites with a logo, background colours and text. Information specific to the company can be customised to guarantee the visitor journey to their meeting is utterly seamless.
  • Reception teams can quickly view and manage a list of people within the building by company in the case of an evacuation, ensuring all visitors are accounted for.
  • As soon as visitors arrive, the appointment host will be notified. They can let the visitor know when they will collect them, or instruct them to wait in reception. Reception teams can also be informed of any special requirements for the visitor.
  • The number of visitors in the building can be monitored at any one time. The Forge Bluepoint dashboard provides a view of total visitors, whether they are planned or unplanned, and peak visitor flows with the option to effectively limit visitor numbers.
  • To avoid multiple passwords for different platforms, it is possible to send appointments through existing services such as Google, Outlook or LinkedIn.

First-class visitor experience

Forge Bluepoint provides a first-class visitor experience for a number of buildings across London including Aldgate Tower and the infamous Citypoint building owned by Brookfield Properties.

“It is by far the fastest, most reliable, easiest to learn and use system. It can be accessed from anywhere; permissions are easily managed by each tenant reception, plus the support is great and always there when needed.”  Christina Matache, Front of House Manager, Aldgate Tower.


Cloud Printing Solution from Star

On average, such buildings have over 6,000 visitors per month. With this amount of visitors, a reliable kiosk printing solution is required to provide a seamless visitor experience. This is why Forge turned to Star and integrated the specialist packaged printer TSP743II HI X with CloudPRNT™ for its self-check-in kiosk.  With a built-in HI X interface, the printer is cloud-ready and with its unique multifunctional capability provides a versatile printing solution.

Widely used in a range of kiosk applications the TSP743II HI X combines speed, reliability and ease of use to produce high-resolution graphics and barcodes for tickets, receipts and labels.  Operating at 250mm/sec, the printer can be vertically mounted and can accommodate a 100mm diameter paper roll with 60% more paper than on a standard 80mm diameter roll, labelling capability and heavier ticket stock for 58 and 80mm wide media.  Furthermore, the printer features a black mark sensor for fixed-length tickets and labels.  In addition to benefitting from Star CloudPRNT technology, it provides the ideal solution for use with Android and Windows tablets.

The versatility of the TSP743II HI X has enabled Forge to adapt to the changing operating environment.  Typically printing badges for lanyards, there has been a recent shift towards the use of sticker labels / passes that can be custom branded.  These negate the need for lanyards or pass holders which are expensive for one time use not to mention time intensive and impractical to clean after every visitor, as Nick Claridge, Operations Manager at Forge, explains:

“Working closely with Star allows Forge to react to the current climate.  In particular, given the versatility of the TSP743II HI X we have been able to quickly respond with sticker labels providing a safer solution for visitor identification.  Moreover, with such a robust printer offering greater paper roll capacity, we can confidently provide 6 -7,000 customers daily with a reliable service alongside a seamless visitor experience.”

By working in partnership with Forge for a number of years, Star has been able to successfully support the delivery of Forge Bluepoint, as David Pearce, Technical Director, Star Micronics EMEA, concludes:

“Forge’s decision to standardise on the TSP700II printer affords them maximum flexibility with a printer that can be either horizontally or vertically mounted, or fitted behind a panel in the reception desk, electronic barrier, or in the kiosk itself. The CloudPRNT™ protocol allows Forge to print either locally or via their cloud-based system for guaranteed printing with full printer status for paper low, paper end etc.”

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