The lowdown on Star’s new mC-Print USB-C models

The Star mC-Print™ is a small yet powerful printer that combines Star’s innovative technology and functionality.  Already available in 2” and 3” versions with direct connectivity to iOS devices, it’s now available as a USB-C® version with Star mCP31C and mCP31CB for direct connectivity, power delivery and internet connection to Android, Windows and Mac USB-C devices. This is ideal for businesses already operating or looking to purchase USB-C tablets with the new EU mandate for common charger standards.

Compact design

Ideal for both traditional and tablet POS, the mCP31C and mCP31CB are compact at 132 x 140 x 125mm with front feed and front paper loading for high quality 80mm receipts, barcodes and graphics. They also offer significant paper saving with a top margin of just 2mm. Its stylish cube design includes a “protected” control board, soft operating switches and IPX2 splash proof rating, ideal for demanding hospitality environments and space-conscious retail outlets alike such as food trucks and pop-up shops.

Outstanding Connectivity

mCP31C / CB Interfaces

With Ethernet LAN, USB-C interface and the alternative, factory option of a Bluetooth Interface, the mC-Print3 receipt printer can be integrated into any traditional or tablet POS application. Star’s unique USB-C cable port provides USB device charging and direct data transfer between Android, Windows and Mac devices and the printer as well as network connectivity via a single USB cable.  With web and Cloud connectivity also included, the new models offer retailers a broad choice of connectivity which can grow and adapt with their business.


Star’s unique SteadyLAN™ technology is included with the mC-Print C models, enabling the tablet to have a wired Ethernet connection via the printer instead of, or as well as, a WiFi and / or Bluetooth connection.  This ensures that the tablet can be connected to the internet at all times, reducing the risk of downtime due to a weak or intermittent internet signal. When the tablet is disconnected from the printer, it will revert to WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity depending on the model.  As well as this, SteadyLAN allows simultaneous data and power delivery from the printer to the tablet, ensuring that the device is constantly charged.

Hub Functionality

Both mCP31C and mCP31CB offer 2 USB-A Host Ports for Multiple Peripheral Hub Functionality. With a single power source you can effectively build your own POS station simply by connecting a USB scanner, keypad, customer display, RFID device etc. to the mC-Print hub. Additionally, cash drawers and Kitchen buzzers can also be connected to the RJ-12 port. This is perfect for retail applications, pop up shops, boutiques and salons which have minimal space to reduce cabling requirements.

Star PassPRNT and CloudPRNT

PassPRNT ™ and CloudPRNT™ are ideal for businesses using web and cloud based POS software or offering an online ordering or delivery service.  Star CloudPRNT works with the online ordering service to create print jobs and communicate directly with the printer. Cloud ordering services post orders using a JSON format while the Star CloudPRNT printer will pull these orders at a defined interval. This removes the need for an additional tablet or POS system in store and staff having to key in and send an online order to the printer. The online ordering service is able to communicate with the printer directly reducing hardware costs and eliminating keying errors. Star is always developing and streamlining its CloudPRNT software to make integration and use easier for customers. is the latest development within Star’s CloudPRNT technology, allowing stores the ability to simply send an e-mail to print customer orders, making the process even easier and requiring less integration.  Technology such as Star CloudPRNT will become essential for POS printer communication once Google Cloud Print is discontinued at the end of 2020. Star printers are also compatible with Shopify and WooCommerce along with other major e-commerce platforms offering stores even greater flexibility.  Setting up online ordering has become more crucial than ever.  Star recently developed a free WooCommerce plugin to make printing online orders and customer receipts even more effortless.

Kiosk and Self Service

With a compact, front paper loading design, unique connectivity and paper near end sensor included, the mCP31C and mCP31CB are ideal for use in Windows or Android based kiosks where the SteadyLAN functionality can also ensure internet connectivity at all times.

Seamless Integration

Star’s mC-Print series is compatible with POS and hospitality software used globally within retail and hospitality businesses. Online, responsive support manuals and diagnostics are available including animated LED indication making the mC-Print3 simple to install and configure from a mobile device. For software developers and integrators, the mC-Print3 has never been simpler to integrate.

The mCollection driver set for Windows including OPOS and JavaPOS drivers is available to download from Star’s Global Support site. iOS and Android utility apps are on the respective App store or Google Play store, accessed via a QR code from the printer self-test, and the printers also have a web-based configuration. However, should you require assistance with any part of the process, the Star Customer Success Team are on hand to help with any enquiries you may have.

mC-Print Range

The Star mC-Print range contains models compatible with all platforms; Windows, Android, iOS and Linux.

mCP30  80mm receipt printer LAN, USB and Star CloudPRNT

mCP31L  80mm receipt printer LAN, USB, iOS USB with SteadyLAN, Star CloudPRNT and 2 Host USB Ports

mCP31LB  80mm receipt printer LAN, iOS USB with SteadyLAN, Bluetooth, Star CloudPRNT and 2 Host USB Ports

mCP31C  80mm receipt printer LAN, USB-C with SteadyLAN, CloudPRNT + 2 USB Host Ports

mCP31CB 80mm receipt printer LAN, USB-C with SteadyLAN, Bluetooth, CloudPRNT + 2 USB Host Ports

mCP20 58mm front feed, top-loading receipt printer with dual Ethernet / USB Interface and Star CloudPRNT™

mCP21LB 58mm front feed, top-loading receipt printer with Ethernet, USB, Lightning USB with SteadyLAN™, Bluetooth and Star CloudPRNT™ plus Hub with 2 USB host ports

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