Upgrade your POS hardware with Star

Upgrade your POS hardware with Star

With over 30 years’ experience providing POS hardware to major high-street retailers as well as independents, Star is widely acknowledged as the leading hardware innovator in the move from traditional POS terminals to tablet POS featuring lower cost hardware that can be mobile or fixed and easily upgradable as a business grows. With software that is flexible, low cost and progressively scalable according to individual business needs, tablet POS and mobile payment have grown in popularity amongst retailers of all sizes.

So how can tablet POS help your business?  Reduced investment costs, easy setup and flexibility to immediately react to market changes, not to mention greater efficiencies, are just some of the benefits. With reliable, stylish hardware a tablet POS solution is not only low cost but offers a wide range of features to enhance your business including improved flexibility, reliability and connectivity to process transactions across the store.

Cost-effective and flexible Tablet POS

Making the transition to tablet POS is an investment, particularly for independent retailers. Recognising this, Star has developed the compact and stylish mC-Print™ series featuring 58mm and 80mm print width models with the unique functionality of up to 5 hardware and software interfaces.

These include traditional and innovative Cloud technologies able to control select USB connected peripherals – all at a much lower cost than previously available on the market. Stylish and compact, mC-Print precisely meets the needs of an omni-channel environment by providing a future-proof solution for a seamless transition from traditional to tablet and Cloud-based POS.

Making the transition to Cloud-based POS

Ideal for applications across retail including Click & Collect in-store orders, event ticketing etc, Star’s CloudPRNT™ technology for remote PC-free printing of receipts and tickets directly from a web server to connected Star mC-Print2 or mC-Print3 printers is a low cost and versatile Cloud printing solution.

In fact, the entire mC-Print series is Cloud-ready including the entry-level, lowest cost 58mm mCP20 with LAN and USB interfaces. Other models in the range offer additional Bluetooth connectivity, direct communication and charging with Apple iOS devices via the Apple supplied Lightning cable as well as 2 USB host ports for local or cloud-based peripheral control of Star’s SCD222 customer display and a range of 1D and 2D barcode scanners or RFID devices etc.

Star SteadyLAN™ for reliable connectivity with iOS devices

One of the potential obstacles to tablet and Cloud-based POS can be unreliable or intermittent WiFi connectivity.  However, Star’s unique SteadyLAN™ technology provides direct cabled control of the printer and attached peripherals as well as Ethernet provision to iOS devices from the wired Ethernet port of the printer.

By simply connecting the iPad to the Star mC-Print™ printer (mCP21LB, mCP31L or mCP31LB) via the standard Apple Lightning cable, or USB-C for iPad Pro, and connecting the printer to the Internet via a wired LAN connection, the iPad is able to connect to the Internet without WiFi communication. Furthermore, the iPad can communicate with the printer via the Lightning cable and the printer will also charge the iPad.  

mC-Print SteadyLAN technology is ideal for both fixed station and hybrid tablet POS in which the tablet can be docked to charge and receive reliable network access, but undocked when required with uninterrupted operation.  If the tablet is undocked from the printer then it will simply start using WiFi, if available.  Connecting to the printer is still possible on the same IP address and will continue seamlessly.  Bluetooth can also be used to control the printer if a Bluetooth printer model is installed.

Extensive range of POS printers

Whether you are currently using a traditional POS solution, upgrading an existing tablet POS system or looking for an upgrade path to the Cloud, Star offers a complete range of POS and mobile printers that can be tailored to individual requirements.

For a feature-rich, cost-effective solution the TSP100 futurePRNT™ series has been widely adopted across retail and is renowned for its broad range of features including free-of-charge futurePRNT software which is available across the entire series. A variety of software tools provide instant couponing as well as receipt re-design.  ECO features are also included with both horizontal and vertical text reduction, a unique paper-saving 3mm top margin facility as well as a print on demand function allowing you to effectively reduce paper consumption.

The series continues to expand and evolve with the introduction of Bluetooth, LAN and wireless LAN models that accompany the USB versions and the latest game changer TSP143IIIU.  As well as working with a traditional POS terminal as a standard USB printer for Windows, Android, Linux and MAC, the TSP143IIIU printer (as with the mC-Print series) has the unique feature to simultaneously communicate with and charge an iPad directly via the Apple-supplied Lightning cable for reliable USB communication. With a 4 year warranty including print head and cutter, the TSP100 series offers unrivalled reliability.

Conscious that many independent retailers often require a compact POS system, Star offers a combined Bluetooth printer and cash drawer solution.  Stylish and lightweight at just 10cm high and 30cm wide with a polished sleek design, mPOP™ can add a finishing touch to any retail outlet.  Alternatively, if space is limited it can easily be placed under the counter for enhanced space-saving and security.  Available in black or white, mPOP can be purchased with a plug and play scanner, customer display and with 4 USB ports additional tablet, phone, scanner etc charging is available from the one cable.  Please visit www.mpop.com for a list of compatible POS and payment software.

Compact mobile printers for receipting and labelling

Easy-to-use with simple paper loading, long battery life and rugged design, Star’s range of small Bluetooth mobile printers are ideal for printing high quality receipts and labels directly from tablets and smartphones while on the move. For enhanced flexibility, the range includes micro USB charged Bluetooth 4.0 mobile printers that can connect with an Android or Windows device or multiple iOS devices simultaneously.

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