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The lowdown on Star’s new mC-Print USB-C models

The Star mC-Print™ is a small yet powerful printer that combines Star’s innovative technology and functionality.  Already available in 2” and 3” versions with direct connectivity to iOS devices, it’s now available as a USB-C® version with Star mCP31C and... read more

Why A Star mPOP Could Help Your Salon Post Lockdown

Why the mPOP can help your salon run efficiently Due to Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions, salons have only just re-opened with strict hygiene and social distancing rules to abide by. This means your salon will need to have a POS and operating system that can... read more

A Cloud End-to-End Retail Solution from Citrus-Lime and Star

A Cloud End-to-End Retail Solution from Citrus-Lime and Star Whether you are a high street retailer or a pop up store, Cloud POS has significant advantages for your business. Reduced initial investment costs, easy setup and better business analysis, not to mention... read more

How is the Hospitality Industry adapting Post Lockdown?

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease somewhat, businesses especially restaurants, cafés and coffee shops are thinking about how they will protect their customers and staff. Creating a safer and more contactless environment ironically goes against the very nature... read more

How to Support Local Business during Social Distancing

The next few weeks or even months are going to be difficult for independent retailers, restaurants and cafés as self-isolation and social distancing become the norm.  However, innovative local businesses are already adapting to the changes in many ways via... read more

Why Your Salon Needs A Star mPOP

Why the mPOP is perfect for your salon Salons are often a busy environment with clients that are waiting to pay, book appointments or be checked in. This is especially true if your salon offers more than one area of service, e.g. offering hair as well as beauty. This... read more

Star Case Study: Scarlets

The modern sports stadium is a multi-purpose venue that hosts a variety of events from sporting fixtures to music concerts with each location providing opportunities for hospitality, retail, refreshment and self-service kiosks in an attempt to improve the customer... read more